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7.4d has been released!


  • Added a new status type for the status tech type: “Random” — This type will randomly choose from the list of status effects to inflict upon the target (if it’s successful). Add it as you would any other status type except use random for the type.
  • Added a new status type for the status tech type: “Amnesia” — This type will inflict amnesia upon a target which will make it so the target cannot use skills or techs until the status effect is removed or 3 turns pass.
  • Added a new status type for the status tech type: “Paralysis” — This type will paralyze a target which will make it so the target misses a turn. Will last until cured with an item or 3 turns have passed.
  • Added the ability for players to gain 1 z-point when they reach level 5 and level 10.
  • Added a new skill: blood boost. This skill, when used, will take away 100 hp but increase the “charge level” by .3 instead of the usual .1. Add it by: !addskill (person) Bloodboost 100 and use it with !bloodboost or !blood boost
  • Added a new item type: cure-amnesia. The “Brain_Juice” item is an example of this.
  • Added a new item type: cure-paralysis. The “blue_herb” item is an example of this.
  • Added a few new items for Class C capsules.
  • Added new resistances. Now there’s a resistance for all status tech types. Add them like so: !addskill (person) resist-(status type) 100 for example: !addskill Iyouboushi resist-poison 100


  • Changed the way the status tech type works slightly so that it now works with the resist skills. Now without a resist skill the status effect has a 60% chance of working and only a 35% with resist.


  • Fixed a color issue in the [Status Effects:] list when more than one was in effect.
  • Fixed an error when using items on someone other than yourself that made them not work.
  • Fixed an error in which certain skills could be used on characters that didn’t exist.

The next version, no matter how big or small it is, will include a “Complete” version for those who are starting fresh.


Kaiou 7.4d Patch

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