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Iyouboushi On August - 20 - 2011

Version 7.5 has been released!


  • Added Monster “Natural Armor” — Natural Armor will absorb the amount of max damage it is set to before the monster’s hp can be hurt. Limit breaks, status effects/spell after-effects ignore natural armor.
  • Added a DM command: !setarmoramount (monster name) (Value) Adds the “natural armor” amount to a monster. Can only be used with monsters the DM owns.
  • Added a DM command: !setarmorname (monster name) (name of armor) Sets the name of the “natural armor” on the monster.
  • Added a new skill: MightyStrike. It doubles the next physical attack (before defense is calculated). Add it using: !addskill (person) mightystrike 100 and use it with !mightystrike or !mighty strike. The skill can only be used once every ten minutes due to how strong it is.
  • Added a new skill: ConserveMP. The next spell cast by the user after using this command will consume 0 mp. This skill can only be used once every 5 minutes.
  • Added a new skill: Armor-Peek – This skill allows a player to peek at a monster’s natural armor to see what % of it remains. Add it like so: !addskill (person) Armor-Peek 100 – Use it with !armor peek * This skill can only be done on a player’s turn (unless it’s done by a DM or above).
  • Added a new skill: Clear_Mind This skill is a passive skill (always on) and increases the damage done via magic spells by 5%. Add it with !addskill (person) Clear_Mind 100.
  • Added a new skill: Elemental_Seal. This skill enhances the next magic spell by 10%. Stacks with clear mind. Add it with !addskill (person) Elemental_Seal 100. Use it with !elemental_seal. This skill can only be used once every 5 minutes.
  • Added an after-effect for wind based spells.


  • Changed the !skill info command so that it now displays the name of the skill you’re reading info on.
  • Changed the !skill-list command to more accurately represent the skills.
  • Changed the amount the rage bar is increased when damage is done (now reduced).
  • Changed the limit % so that there’s a max of 300% now to prevent people from spamming limit breaks non-stop.
  • Changed the way limit % is calculated so that it will increase relative to damage over 50. Under 50 is calculated the way it was previously. There is a cap of 30% max from any single hit.


  • Fixed a bug with !use when used with a misc item.
  • Fixed a bug in which charmed AI monsters would do actions despite being charmed.
  • Fixed a bug in which a monster that had a lot of max HP but very low current HP would be skipped over in turn-based battles due to the system rounding its HP % down to 0 and thinking it was dead.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented extra damage being done when the defender is in critical HP and the attacker’s BP is higher than the defender’s BP. It is now a 40% chance of happening.


Kaiou 7.5 Complete
Kaiou 7.5 Lite (Patch only)
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.3

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