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Iyouboushi On October - 3 - 2013

This version took me a little longer than I would’ve liked but regardless, it’s here!  There’s lots of improvements this time around, although the changelog isn’t quite as long as some of the previous versions.  It has 29 additions, 25 changes and 13 fixes.   Still, I think if you’re a fan of this bot you’ll like this version.   As always, the download link and the changelog are below the cut.


  • Added mimics! The default chance is 5% and only takes effect at streak 50 or above. When a mimic happens it will start a battle with the mimic as a special type of monster. Bot admins can change the % by using !mimic chance # where # is 1-100
  • Added a new special boss fight: Bandits.  In this type, the bot will randomly generate a random group of bandits for the heroes to fight.
  • Added the ability for item names to be used as modifiers on monsters. Like weapons/elements, 0 is null, 100 is normal, under 100 is strength, over 100 is weakness.
  • Added En- buffs to the pixi wand. These buffs will enchant melee attacks with the ability to do the extra magical damage (burning, drowning, etc). Like the magic version, the player must be more than 20 levels. Only one En- element can be on at a time. En-spells also give a boost to melee damage if the target is weak to the en-spell element.
  • Added the ability for the bot to retally the number of total battles, making it more accurate.
  • Added a new accessory type (IncreaseTreasureOdds) that increases the odds of getting better colored chests.
  • Added two new stat increase types: BlackOrbs and RedOrbs. They increase the orb amounts when used.
  • Added a new tech type: ClearStatusNegative  When used on a target it will remove most negative status effects. It will not remove charm from a target or any of the magic effects (burning, frozen, etc). Added Esuna as an example.
  • Added a new tech type: ClearStatusPositive  When used on a target it will remove most positive status effects. It will not remove boosts or auto-revive. Added Dispel as an example.
  • Added the ability for monsters to change the current battlefield. To make it happen, in [skills] add: ChangeBattlefield=1  and ChangeBattlefield.battlefields=battlefield1.battlefield2.etc   and ChangeBattlefield.chance= where the # you supply will be the percent of it happening. If no chance is provided, 15% is used as default.
  • Added mechs! You can purchase a mech for 1000 Allied Notes using !shop mech buy   For a list of all commands please read the MECH section in the player’s guide.
  • Added the ability to turn off taunting for monsters and npcs. Under [info] put CanTaunt=true/false   If it’s not there it’s assumed to be true.
  • Added the ability to have custom taunts for various monsters/npcs/bosses. Under [info] put TauntFile=  where the file that the taunts are located in.  For example: [info] TauntFile=taunts_Vergil.txt
  • Added a monster only skill: RepairNaturalArmor.  This skill will allow a monster to restore all of its natural armor after it has been depleted to 0.  Keep in mind it will restore all of it to max when the skill is used.
  • Added a new bot admin command: !main folder cleanup   Use this to clean the main bot folder. It’ll remove .lst, .txt and .db files
  • Added a new battle type: Save the President.  In this battle, heroes must defeat monsters while protecting the Allied Forces President. If the president dies the battle will be over and the heroes will lose. This type of battle does not affect the streak.
  • Added a check to the bot for old characters. Characters that have not been logged into after 6 months will be removed. The files will be moved to the zapped folder in case bot owners need to restore them.
  • Added a flag for items to make them only available if players won the previous conquest period. In items.db add ConquestItem=true to any item you want to only show up that way. Assumed to be false if missing.
  • Added the !conquest record command. It will show you the total number of conquest tallies and who has won them.
  • Added the ability for techniques to have Pre and Post scripts that can run. This should not be done unless you know what you’re doing. Add them as Prescript= and Postscript=   You can have one and not the other, both, or none at all. Some notes: $1 = the attacker, $2 = the tech name, $3 = the target; Use $display.system.message(MESSAGE HERE,battle) to display a message to make it work right in both DCC mode and IRC mode. (don’t use any commas in the message itself though or it’ll cause the message to be cut off)
  • Added an automated 1 vs 1 AI battle type.  Bot admins can start it by using !startbat ai or the bot can be set to do this type of battle automatically by toggling it via !toggle automated ai battle but note that players cannot join this type of battle so it should only be set to automatically do this if no one wants to play but you still want battles to happen (it won’t affect the streak).
  • Added the ability to exchange allied notes for $$double dollars and vice versa. Use !exchange alliednotes/doubledollars # to convert to the opposite currency.  It’s 1 note for $$2 or $$2 for 1 note
  • Added the ability to bet on the outcome of 1vs1 battles. Use !bet npc # or !bet monster # to place a bet.
  • Added the ability for bot owners to change the number of phantom betters that place bets on the 1vs1 battles. In system.dat under [system] put PhantomBetters=#  the # has to be greater than 3.  Note that a huge number will bog down your machine.
  • Added the active skill Formless Strike.  Using this skill will consume 50% of your TP but will allow you to hurt ethereal  monsters without the augment or special weapon.
  • Added the PinkBow accessory.  This accessory will add +50% resistance against all status effects (except curse on curse night of course).  It’s basically like a lite version of the Ribbon.
  • Added an accessorytypes.lst to the \lst\ folder.  It isn’t used for anything in the bot, but it does give a list of valid accessory types for bot owners who want to create their own accessories.  Of course you can always look in items.db for examples on how to do most of the types.
  • Added “All” as a valid status target for ignitions.
  • Added new NPCs


  • Changed the double turn chance for monsters to give them a 1-5% better chance of getting one.
  • Changed the shop for weapons to show the weapon category in red while the weapons themselves remain blue. Makes it easier to read.
  • Changed the clear_battle alias to only run when there’s been an actual battle.
  • Changed certain skills to reset after every 15 waves in the gauntlet.
  • Changed Blood Boost to work on a percent amount instead of a fixed amount. The base is (skill level * 2)% of the user’s str.
  • Changed Blood Spirit to work on a percent amount instead of a fixed amount. The base is (skill level * 2)% of the user’s int.
  • Changed the cooldown timers on Blood Boost and Blood Spirit
  • Changed view-info on ignitions to show the ignition techs.
  • Changed how the AI system works. I’ve recoded a lot of it. It should be better about picking skills, techs, ignitions/etc that it can actually use (i.e. has enough tp or ig for, etc).
  • Changed the AI so that it can only use BloodBoost and BloodSpirit once.
  • Changed how the bot determines which boss battle type to choose. It’s much cleaner now.
  • Changed how the bot reads .lst, .txt, and .db files. They’re in their own folders now.
  • Changed !startbat so that on boss types you can activate the special boss battles. !startbat boss <special type> Valid types are: normal, bandits, doppelganger, warmachine, demonwall, elderdragon
  • Changed a few things in translation.dat to make it read better.
  • Changed parry and dodge so that a target cannot perform those actions while stunned or paralyzed.
  • Changed !achievements to show how many achievements have been acquired vs how many there are total.
  • Changed the chance of multiple waves happening (lowered it at higher streaks)
  • Changed curse nights and surprise attacks so that they cannot happen twice in a row.
  • Changed the ElementalDefense type accessories so that the amount they block can be changed in items.db under Amount= The amount is a percent, so .50 = 50% damage blocked.
  • Changed the Steal Power tech so that it’s possible to dodge or block it (utsusemi works now)
  • Changed the Steal Power tech to add a cap amount based on the current streak level.  The higher the streak, the higher the amount is that the user can absorb from a target.
  • Changed the BlockAllStatus type accessories (ribbon and pinkbow) so that bot owners can give the accessory an amount to block.  The amount is a direct amount (so Amount=100 means it’s +100%)
  • Changed the code for how the bot checks for accessories to make it much better.  It’s more like augments now.
  • Changed the way the bot looks for skills to read from .lst files
  • Changed the cost on certain items and seals.


  • Fixed a bug in which battlefield regen events wouldn’t work right if the target had no regen skill.
  • Fixed a bug in which ignitions were unable to be used if the user had more than one.
  • Fixed a bug in which certain monster-generated bosses were giving the wrong drops.
  • Fixed a bug with the FillYourDarkSoulWithLight achievement
  • Fixed a bug in which using a spell on a target that is healed by the element would still activate the status effect (burning/etc)
  • Fixed a bug in which certain techs would ignore a cover target.
  • Fixed a bug in which AOEs wouldn’t be “learned” if techLearn=true in a monster/npc/boss
  • Fixed a bug in which intdown wasn’t clearing after battles.
  • Fixed a bug in which healing techs would mess up if a two+ hit tech was absorbed the round prior.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Prism-Specs accessory was no longer working.
  • Fixed a bug with the backguard skill that was preventing it from working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the shop in which killer traits were being cut off if you didn’t have any purchased
  • Fixed several minor issues thanks to MSLDev

Version 2.2 complete (October 3, 2013) [There is no “lite” version for 2.2]

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