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Iyouboushi On December - 6 - 2013

The release of 2.3 is finally here!  This version fixes a lot of issues, starts to change the battle formula (which will probably be a work in progress), adds a bunch of new stuff and otherwise tries to improve on the game as a whole.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy this one!  As usual, the changelog and download link is below the jump.


  • Added the active skill: Retaliation. This skill will guarantee the next melee attack against you will be countered but will make you go last in battle while it’s on.
  • Added the active skill: True Strike. This skill makes it so your next attack cannot be countered, dodged or parried. This skill will not allow your attacks to hit through shadows, royal guard or mana wall.
  • Added the passive skill: Hatchetman. This skill will increase damage done while using an axe.
  • Added the passive skill: Harvester. This skill will increase damage done while using scythes.
  • Added the passive skill: Whipster. This skill will increase damage done while using whips.
  • Added the passive skill: SleightOfHand. This skill will increase damage done while using daggers.
  • Added a new special boss fight: Pirates.  In this type, the bot will randomly generate a random group of pirates for the heroes to fight. This special boss fight will only happen on streaks 100-1000.
  • Added a new AI type: Healer.  Monsters/NPCs/Bosses set to this type will do nothing but heal every round.
  • Added a !gems command to show you the gems you have.
  • Added a !seals command to show you the seals you have.
  • Added the ability for monsters and bosses to be covered by other monsters and bosses.  In [info] put Guardian=monstername   While the “guardian” is alive, the monster will take 0 damage from items, techs and melee.
  • Added the user command: !bot admin list  to see a list of current bot admins.
  • Added the admin command: !bot admin list/add/remove (name)  This will allow bot admins to be added or removed from the list.
  • Added the automated auction house. Commands: !auction info, !auction bid #, and !auction winners [#]
  • Added a small Allied Notes bonus to victories on streak 2000+
  • Added moon phases! The moon cycle changes from Full Moon -> New Moon -> Crescent Moon -> Quarter Moon -> Gibbous Moon -> repeat ** Note that battlefields.db has been updated with the moon information and needs to be updated to work correctly.
  • Added the !count command. Use this to count how many of an item or armor you have. Useful for checking on armor amounts as the bot won’t show these totals normally.
  • Added the ability for normal monsters to only show up during certain moon phases.  Under [info] put moonphase=Full Moon or Crescent Moon or Gibbous Moon or New Moon or Quarter Moon or Blood Moon. Can only use one. This does not work on boss monsters.
  • Added a bot admin command: !CustomTitle Add <person> <custom title> without the <> of course.  This adds a custom title to a player. The custom title only shows up when the person uses !id and when seen via !look.  It doesn’t affect anything else.
  • Added a bot admin command: !CustomTitle Remove <person> <custom title>   Removes a custom title.
  • Added a !recipe search <ingredient> command. Using this command you can search with an ingredient to see what uses it.
  • Added the bot admin command: !toggle DiscountCard Message.  This command will toggle the bot to show or not show the discount card type item use message.
  • Added the ability for the bot to throttle battles in that players will have to wait a round out before entering the next battle. This is turned off by default.
  • Added a bot admin command: !toggle battle throttle   Turns the battle throttle function on/off.
  • Added a new special boss battle that only appears during December.
  • Added the ability for monsters to have a defense against the Just Release skill. In [info] you can put JustReleaseDefense= The value is a percent of Just Release blocked.  100 means it will do 0 damage, while 1 is 1% blocked, 50 is 50% blocked, etc.
  • Added the ability to sell armor. !shop sell armor armorname
  • Added a !sell item/armor/accessories (itemname) (amount)  command.
  • Added the ability for techs to get stronger the more they’re used.  For every 500 uses the player will gain +1 to his/her technique, up to 1000. This is the only way to get past the 500 capped amount currently.
  • Added the ability to craft more than one of an item. Use !alchemy item #  or !craft item # where # is the total number of the item you want.
  • Added the ability to add new elemental messages that appear after using spells. They’re in \txts\ in elementalmsg_<element>.txt
  • Added a !npc status command to check the status of Santa and his elves. In 2.4 this command will be redone completely
  • Added a !moon command to show the current moon phase.


  • Changed the Darkness timer to run based on turns rather than an mIRC timer.
  • Changed the Holy Aura skill to work with the new darkness system. It will stop darkness (and the demonwall) for skill level turns
  • Changed !bat list to add a line to show how many turns you have til darkness overcomes the battlefield.
  • Changed some of the alias files around to make a new bossaliases.als file
  • Changed accessories so that they can have multiple types just like augments.
  • Changed all of the skills to work based on turns rather than mIRC timers.
  • Changed Speed so that it’ll show how much speed is gained.
  • Changed the way that battlefield damage is calculated so that the winning streak has a bigger effect on the amount done.
  • Changed !view-info for skills to show your current level out of max possible and the base # of turns between uses.
  • Changed the orb adjust function slightly so that when Shenron’s Wish is on it will give more bonus orbs.
  • Changed the mimic chance to 0 for portal battles.
  • Changed !items to not show the gem list any more.  Use !gems instead.
  • Changed counter attacks so that if a player counters a monster he/she will receive some style points.
  • Changed the requirement to get the Vash’s coat to be a little more reasonable (but still hard to get).
  • Changed the allied notes reward for saving the allied president (it now depends on what winning streak # it is).
  • Changed the way that Blood Moons happen.  It now has a chance of replacing a New Moon in the moon cycle.
  • Changed Resist-Petrify to allow up to 50% protection against that status.
  • Changed !add and !take commands to allow bot admins to add/remove armor to people.
  • Changed !add and !take commands to allow bot admins to add/remove ignitions to people
  • Changed the shop to show how many orbs you have left after buying something.
  • Changed dodge so that a target cannot dodge while petrified.
  • Changed the Haggling skill to work on a percent of the sell price now, rather than a straight amount.
  • Changed the way the bot handles selling. All the items now have a SellPrice line for the starting selling price.
  • Changed negative stat items to not work on anyone except yourself or monsters to prevent someone spamming them on others.
  • Changed the way accessory amounts are listed in the items.db.  It’s now  AccessoryType.Amount=   Example: IncreasedMelee.Amount=.005   I had to change it like this to make it work with multiple accessory types.
  • Changed the discount card item message to not show by default. Bot admins can toggle it on if people want to see it.
  • Changed the darkness timer to reset when a portal item is used.
  • Changed the amount of royal guard meter players will get when darkness falls to 0.
  • Changed the amount of royal guard meter players will get if it’s over 4000 damage to 4000 + (10% of total damage)
  • Changed the amount of red orbs players that flee get at the end of battle (lowered them).
  • Changed the gauntlet to scale in difficulty at a much faster pace.
  • Changed !battle stats to add some color to certain numbers to make them stand out more and to add a line  to list commands for conquest and dragonball info.
  • Changed the way AOE damage is done after the first hit
  • Changed the battle formula #2 so that speed has less of an effect on the level difference.
  • Changed the way battle formula 2 works.


  • Fixed !view-info so that it shows the description for snatch type items (such as the grappling_hook)
  • Fixed !view-info style so that it works again.
  • Fixed !view-info style when used on WeaponMaster (was previously missing a description)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing chests from working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in which using certain items without specifying a target would consume the item without doing anything.
  • Fixed a bug in which certain monster-generated bosses were giving the wrong drops. [Again]
  • Fixed a bug with crafting.
  • Fixed a bug in which killing monster’s summons could potentially end the battle.
  • Fixed a major bug in which performing actions too quickly could cause the bot to stop and not end battles.
  • Fixed a bug with the gamble skill if a person wins an item.
  • Fixed a bug in which if an AOE heal is used on someone with a mech everyone in the AOE would not be healed.
  • Fixed a bug with the weather not being set on battlefields that aren’t in battlefields.db when a mimic happens.
  • Fixed a bug in which it was possible to use Quicksilver when it wasn’t your turn
  • Fixed a bug in which six-hit attacks weren’t showing correctly
  • Fixed a bug when players try to give accessories that are still equipped
  • Fixed a bug with !augments being cut off if a player has too many augments on too many weapons.
  • Fixed a bug in which the bot was no longer setting the gauntlet record if players were surpassing it.
  • Fixed a bug in which AOE damage was doing way more damage than it should have after the first hit.
  • Fixed an issue with !shop list styles
  • Fixed an issue with !view-info where you could look at items as the wrong type and it would display the wrong information.
  • Fixed an issue where if someone used the shadow copy skill with a snatched target it could potentially lead to many errors.
  • Fixed an issue with error messages not being in color for certain skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting list wasn’t showing all of the armors that can be crafted.
  • Fixed an issue of the Suzaku’sSune-Ate being set as ‘head’ instead of ‘feet’ in equipment.db
  • Fixed an issue with the WizardPetasos+2 not having the EnhanceBloodSpirit augment.
  • Fixed an issue where TantraHose+2 was uncraftable.
  • Fixed an issue in items.db in which StoneOfWieldance was the wrong name and it should have been JewelOfWieldance
  • Fixed an issue with the bot picking a weather type from the wrong battlefield on certain boss battles
  • Fixed an issue in which a player with a capped tech could still see it in the shop.
  • Fixed an issue of the bot showing the “(monster) is immune to quicksilver” message even if the monster was dead.
  • Fixed an issue with darkness not doing the correct damage.
  • Fixed an issue with ShinryuVersus having the wrong item name in its drop pool
  • Fixed an issue in which a player could cover him/herself.
  • Fixed an issue in which if a player tried to cover a monster the error message wouldn’t appear.
  • Fixed an issue when monsters tried to use skills while confused.
  • Fixed an issue of a missing error message when skills were used while confused.
  • Fixed an issue of being able to see monsters’ levels for monsters that weren’t in battle.
  • Fixed an issue with ClearNegativeStatus type techs removing ignitions when it’s not supposed to.
  • Fixed some translation.dat issues.
  • Fixed !weather to work correctly now.

This version has 33 additions, 35 changes and 40 fixes.

Version 2.3 Complete (December 6, 2013) [There is no “lite” version for 2.3]

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