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Iyouboushi On February - 28 - 2014

The version update is finally here! Sorry for taking so long, but there were lots of additions that were a bit code-heavy and required a bit of time to test.  Anyway, this version has 27 additions, 17 changes, 15 fixes and 1 removal.   As always, keep reading to see the changelog and download link.


  • Added the ability for armor to have a minimum level requirement. In the armor you can put LevelRequirement=
  • Added the ability to allow players to let other players control their characters. The commands are: !access add player (adds a player to the access list), !access remove player (removes a player from the access list), !access list (lists who can control the character).  To actually control the character, use the same commands as the bot admin commands, such as: name attacks target  or name does skillname   ** This does not change anything with bot admins. They can still control everything like they did prior. This also does not work in DCC mode due to the way DCC mode works.
  • Added a Mimic Ring accessory. It’s craftable using a Treasure Ring and a Mimic Core.
  • Added a new item type (“Special Items”)
  • Added the ability for techs and weapons to destroy more than 1 Utsusemi Shadow. In the tech or weapon put DestroyShadows=  with the number of shadows that will be destroyed in addition to the default 1.
  • Added a bot admin command: !clear portal usage <character>   Will clear the target character’s total portal usage for the day
  • Added the ability for monsters to use Quicksilver one time per battle. In [skills] put Quicksilver=1
  • Added the ability for monsters and npcs to always have regen on. In [status] put auto-regen=yes
  • Added the ability for items and armor to have an “exclusive” flag. Exclusive items cannot be traded between characters/players. In the item/armor put exclusive=yes
  • Added the “IgnoreQuickSilver” accessory and augment type.
  • Added the command !portal usage which will tell you how many portal uses you have left for the day.
  • Added the ability for shop NPCs to be kidnapped from certain boss battles.  If kidnapped their items in the shop will be unavailable for purchase until they have been rescued.
  • Added !clear battle save as a way for players to clear their battle streak save.
  • Added sizes to weapons. You can see the size of the weapon in !view-info
  • Added a damage modifier in which size of the weapon vs monster size plays a part. Small weapons are +40% damage against small monsters, neutral against medium monsters and -40% damage on large monsters. Medium weapons are +40% damage on medium monsters, neutral against small monsters and -30% damage on large monsters. Large weapons are +40% damage on large monsters, neutral on medium monsters and -40% damage on small monsters.
  • Added a flag for monsters and bosses where they won’t show up during ‘save the president’ type battles. In [info] put IgnorePresident=true
  • Added the ability for the bot to generate an HTML file with the stats of every player.  This is done when the !scoreboard command is used. This feature can be turned on/off via the bot admin command !toggle scoreboard html The HTML file is generated in the main bot folder.
  • Added a new boss battle type: Crystal Shadow Warrior.  This battle will require thinking outside the box to win.
  • Added the “counteronly” AI type for monsters. These monsters will counter all melee attacks and take no damage from tech and items.  It is recommended this type only be set with the HurtByTaunt flag, else they cannot be defeated.
  • Added the HurtByTaunt=true/false flag for [info]. If set to true, taunts will deal damage when used against the monster.
  • Added the HealByTaunt=true/false flag for [info]. If set to true, taunts will heal damage when used against the monster.
  • Added the “techonly” AI type for monsters. These monsters will do nothing but use techniques. If it’s cursed the monster should just taunt until the curse is over.
  • Added the IgnoreShadows=true flag for weapons and techniques.  In the weapon or technique just add the flag and it will ignore utsusemi shadows.
  • Added the ability for defender AI type monsters to show a description each round. In [descriptions] DefenderAI=desc here Note, that it won’t show the monster’s name in this description.  You can use %real.name for the monster’s name. If you want the monster’s name to be bold use $chr(2) $+ %real.name $+ $chr(2) description here
  • Added the ability for monsters to have custom death messages. In [descriptions] put DeathMessage=message here. You don’t need to add the monster’s name at the start of the message as the bot will add that automatically.
  • Added new monsters (thanks to Smz)
  • Added new portal battles


  • Changed portal items so that only 8 per character can be used per day. It resets at midnight (time zone of the bot).
  • Changed the way the bot does a few timers to try to prevent an error in mIRC from killing the game.
  • Changed the first round protection so that it includes the Allied Forces President.
  • Changed !count to work in a query message/private.
  • Changed the GIVES command to no longer allow exclusive items to be traded.
  • Changed !techs to show techs in a maroon color if you don’t have enough TP to perform that technique.
  • Changed the shop for listing techs to show techs in a maroon if you don’t have enough base TP to use the tech if purchased.
  • Changed !reload battle streak to not clear the streak from the player’s file.
  • Changed !save battle streak to not allow players to save streaks that are greater than 50 levels higher than their levels.
  • Changed the way the !speed skill works slightly. If it gives more than 10,000 speed the formula is changed to be 10k+1% of spd
  • Changed !reforge to not work inside battles
  • Changed the way red orbs are rewarded to people whose levels are way lower than the current battle streak. If the streak is 1000+ levels higher than the current level, the orbs are nerfed down to 1.5% of the orb total. If the streak is 500-1000 levels it’s nerfed down to 2% of the orb total. If the streak is 100-500 levels higher it’s 4.5% of the orb total.  Players leveled above or within 100 have no penalty.
  • Changed the battle list to show monsters/players who have fled in red to help identify them.
  • Changed some code to hopefully make it so the bot can be run in folders that have spaces in them. I’d still recommend the bot be run in a non-space folder (such as C:\BattleArena\) but it shouldn’t come to a grinding halt any more if you don’t.
  • Changed the !new char command a bit to make it slightly more efficient and hopefully stop it from randomly stopping if it encounters a bad file.
  • Changed ignitions so that they can have multiple status effects happen per ignition now.
  • Changed the way elemental resists are displayed in the status line to help save space.


  • Fixed the “Save the President” battle types so that ignored captures will actually be counted correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue with EstoqueurGantherots+1 and +2 so that they can actually be worn now.
  • Fixed an issue in which the WeaponLock skill timer was not resetting after each battle.
  • Fixed an issue where mimics could spawn on portal battles.
  • Fixed an issue of the augment strength list being cut off if a player had too many augments
  • Fixed an issue with staggering monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where players could absorb more IG than a monster had with the AbsorbIG augment.
  • Fixed an issue in which healer and portal type monsters can counter melee attacks.
  • Fixed an issue in which clones wouldn’t die if the owner died via magic effect or poison.
  • Fixed an issue where battlefield limitations can appear on winning streaks less than 10.
  • Fixed countless mistakes in monster and boss files.
  • Fixed more issues of weapon lists being cut off.
  • Fixed an error with weapon boosts.
  • Fixed a bug with certain ignitions not reverting properly when the user runs out of IG.
  • Fixed a bug with monsters using techs on players that are being covered by the same monster.


  • Removed the HumanoidTyphoon achievement entirely.

Version 2.4 Complete (February 28, 2014)

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