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#6357 Bad Movie [Mon/Tues]days

Posted by Iyouboushi on 15 February 2012 - 11:26 AM


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CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990 version)

During World War II, a brave, patriotic American Soldier undergoes experiments to become a new supersoldier, "Captain America." Racing to Germany to sabotage the rockets of Nazi baddie "Red Skull", Captain America winds up frozen until the 1990s. He reawakens to find that the Red Skull has changed identities and is now planning to kidnap the President of the United States. Is he a bad enough dude to save the president?

RELEASE DATE: December 14, 1990
IMDB Rating: 2.9/10
PURCHASE: Amazon ($19.98)

This movie is so bad that it killed Captain America for 21 years..

#3739 I'll Review the Top 100 Pop Songs of 2010

Posted by Dead on 14 January 2011 - 09:39 AM

My turn. I like what I like musically, (that being rock, hard rock, metal, alternative) and hate just about everything else. I'll use the same rating system as James So expect lots of zomg or suicide smileys from me. Also, Im watching these as well as hearing them so yay for extra torture.

first off #100, Lover Lover.

As James said, its not the worst thing I've ever heard, in fact it's not that bad. The lyrics while trudging the same old path as always, are especially bad with grahmmer, and a bit repetitive. Hearing this a few times wouldn't kill me, but would definately start to get on my nerves. The video really has nothing to do with the song really. Basically some kids playing around and people moving out of thier house while some lady walks around and a guy plays guitar. whoopee.
I give this the same score as James, :|

#99, Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

I envy James for not watching the videos for these. This possibly is one of the lamest videos and songs I've ever heard. Its obvious that Alicia can sing but it is not apparent in this song. It sounds at first like some crap 80's casio piano song with singing thrown (literally) on top of it. The video at first is just typical fare, her walking about in an empty urban landscape singing alone, then all of a sudden she develops mutant powers and heals a dog out of nowhere. She struts about in a horrible purple unitard and chases some guy in a hood around (even laughably flying with MK movie style bad special effects) everything she does is cloaked in girly pink/purple after effects (these are her powers I assume) and she even gives a craptastic nod to Tron with pinky/purple motorcycle lines. ugh. This song quickly got on my nerves and just kept annoying me as it went on. However for the video's laughably bad effects it gets :( instead of a :zomg:

#98 Teach Me How To Dougie

In the first 5 seconds I knew I hated this song. As I stated before I seriously HATE rap so its only natural that I insta-hate this song. Reading further ahead aparently rappers are even lazier now and they tend to have more than one rapper in any given song. This song features at least 3 different ones all of which grate my nerves in their own way, however the one that really bothered me the one that sounded like he was 12 (and looked like it too in the video) REALLY!? Isn't that some sort of child endangerment? As James said prior, the song consists mostly of "teach Me How To Dougie" repeated so much I was beating my head into a desk to make the pain stop. Video wise, you still don't really learn how to 'Dougie' but aparently its something anyone can do because all manner of life was contorting about like epileptic loose boweled primates. I can't help but constantly think of the Snuggie when I hear this song. Perhaps because Dougie rhymes with Snuggie, and with lines like "my beats are like bublegum so pull one out and chew it" Im actually surprised that they're not all decked out in assorted snuggie fashions. Oh and if doing the Dougie is so damn seductive, then why does it make my ears and eyes bleed so much?! UGH!!!! There are not enough :zomg: to warrant a decent rating for this.

#97 Smile

The first song on the list I somewhat like. In fact it really didn't annoy me at all. Like James says, its bubblegummy and kind of sappy, but its not bad. A song anyone can relate to. The video does a decent job of translating that also while being quite possibly the least expensive video ever. (its basically lots of photos of the band and random people having good times) I could listen to this song a few times and not mind it at all. Its even somewhat catchy in a good way.

#96 Life After You

Another not bad song on the list. While you can't quite relate as much to it as Smile, its still a rather straightforward song that is decent. Musically a bit slow, but it serves well. I'm with James on this, I've heard this song a billion times and none of which are by choice. It suffers from being very overplayed. I hear it at work when I'm transferring callers to other places. I mean its just way over played (like I fear many of these songs will be) I've also heard better from this artist, and while the song is good, it's not their best.

#95 King of Anything

Right off the bat this song made me think of commercials. It sounds like something you'd hear watching an Ipod commercial or something you'd hear like in an officemax commercial. It just has that poppy attention getting sound to it. Like James said, its not the typical type song, its not about I'm so sad or you left me or I want you back, which is a nice change of pace. The video also fits James' description of the song (quite literally) A woman in a cafe with some guy and she leaves him sitting there. The whole video has this same commercial type feel like I mentioned also. Its like its trying to sell this artist (who I'm not at all familiar with) to you the whole time, and I think it tries a little too hard. As far as the song, its all "WOMAN POWER!" Not something I'd typically listen to ever. But not so terrible that I want to shoot myself.

#20016 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.2 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Kiisuke on 21 September 2016 - 01:34 PM

In addition I have not done the right , the amendment must by my younger brother ..

The unfortunately in hospital does not have internet access ..

So what should I do there already ...
Can not very well write in his name ... !

I have my affairs to Regra etc already described .. if that is not enough .

My brother can not very well apologize without Internet etc ?




He 'd love to somehow straighten but without Internet goes the bad back .

I only stated in the Previous Posts why Regra behaved as having the multiple reasons .

I can , if that is not enough not help it .

Finally Unable yes spells.




What can he do with the project is not closed ?

I repeat : he in the hospital no Internet because it is on the basis of his mental problems there and not because of the internet.

It is so obvious to anyone with a brain that you are the same person. If he's been in a psych hospital since the 3rd of September ("two weeks ago" from the 17th) how did "your brother" edit that post on September 6?  Either you have his password or, more logically, you are the same person. Just man up already. Go to the forums, confess your sins and maybe the bot won't get shut down.


But even if you do, I don't think Iyouboushi is going to continue. History is repeating itself here and I don't think he cares much for deja vu.  If you hadn't gone to that ubuntu forum and created that post on August 8 then we wouldn't be in this boat now, would we?


This has been fun but I already know what you're going to say and do so I'm done.  If you're going to keep denying it then don't bother replying.

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#1967 Soulja Boy Rips off Death Note, Doesn't Get Sued

Posted by Geemer on 05 June 2010 - 07:46 AM

I will only accept the term mixtape to be used when it is sold as actual magnetic tape medium.
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#19615 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.2 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Pentium320 on 10 June 2016 - 02:52 PM

Sorry, that I was delaying with posting here, but didn't have time earlier :/
I think I should add something, cause this update is mostly because of me.



Those stats are super unbalanced. The problem only gets worse the higher those other stats go.   It's hard to design portal bosses when people can exploit the system like that.  After all, someone who specializes in melee doesn't really care about INT that much so they would naturally make that a dump stat.  But the boss might be designed for people who have closer stats across the board which means now the unbalanced melee player's melee attack is doing waaaaaaay more than intended to that boss.
The only solution I thought of was to implement the stat ratio to try and prevent people from exploiting that. By forcing people to keep their stats closer a better balance can be achieved.   Do I really like having to do that?  Not really.   There's a lot of things in BA that I'm not overly happy with, stat ratios, battle formulas and the way levels are calculated being the top three, but as someone who has never really designed a game before and has no better ideas.. this is all I got.
If someone could figure out a better way of doing it, without me having to recode the entire bot, I'd love to hear it.  Otherwise, the stat ratios will have to stay.



The primary question is - is this really "that" unbalanced as you are describing? Am I really "that" more stronger in battles than others (baracouda, GenoFoxx, Aurum) because of putting everything in STR? I guess not, or I'm blind. At normal battles we are a level playing field, same with dungeons, dragon hunts and even torments (well, in this last it usually happens, that I'm weaker even despite of higher "roughly level"). Some portal battles even for me also are a hard nut to crack (for example Old Iron King, especially after last updates including Super Elite flag :D). Of course, I don't want to compare mutli-hit techs with AoE, because it doesn't make any sense.
And back to meritum - is changing max stat ratio from 35% to 30% really necessary? I remember update (it was most than half year ago i guess) which changed 43% to 35%. That was quite huge change, and probably nobody then was supporting it, but few weeks later i understood, that it was necessary - 43% was simply bad. Now I think, that 35% was "just right it should be", and 30% is overstatement. Why I think it's bad..?
You know, most (like not all RPG games, lol) have classes, or something "class-like". There is no such thing in BA (just to be clear :D I'm not asking for adding it - i know, that project like this would probably consume countless amount of time, and probably need to re-write more than [of course only guessing] half of bots code). It wasn't also really needed as each stat was mostly defining hero, in which type of weapon would he specialize, what will be his weakness, etc. I think that's great, I like playing in team, especially when team members complements each other. This idea is even better after updates with new monsters (which I thank to Smz, despite they are REALLY badasses, especially in outposts - that's nice challenge  :D) as even for high-level players they can be a huge problem. Anyway, with 30% stat ratio I can say, that this idea automatically dies, as stat ratio will always oscillate between 10 and 30 percent (and that's most positive variant as it's hard [or even sometimes impossible] to keep stats on extreme values). And that's it - because of such ratio there comes a situation, where every hero sooner or later will be... mostly the same. Want to be melee guy? No prob, switch armor, accessory and weapon, and "voila"! Want to be wizard? Do same, but equip things for wizard. Stats will simply no longer have any value. Something like "Jack of all trades". Not sure how others think, but IMO this is simply boring, and will make everybody self-sufficient, but not really a "master of something".
Well, only disadvantage of 35% I see is, that dump stats simply look "funny" when comparing to others, but that's not really a big deal, as long as you don't look at site hosted by Andrio :D.
tl;dr version:
I'm asking for return of 35% stat ratio. That's just all - I don't think change to 30% was necessary (and why I think like this is above :P). And you probably know - I'm not a type of person, who likes going easy. I really like challenges. Despite this I didn't like this update :(. Don't know, if I'm the only person with such opinion.



Sadly I never planned for Battle Arena to turn into a full fledged RPG.  When I sat down and decided to make a new bot to replace Kaiou I just thought I'd make a silly little game that could be played for 5~10 minutes at a time.  There wasn't really ever a goal.  Armor didn't exist, there were only a handful of items, portals didn't exist, levels didn't exist, etc.  It was just "I wanna come in, kill a few monsters to try and beat the record, get a cool new weapon, and pop out."   Now Battle Arena has really evolved into a full RPG.  The only two things missing, really, is an overarching story and quests (and if I could figure out a way to implement both I'd put them in there).




Look at this. Even without quests and storyline, BattleArena is probably one of this games, with which I spent most of my free (and not only free XD ) time. It's extremly addictive, fun and unique community is making it only better - and probably I'm not the only person who would say it. Despite I have lots of exams I just can't just forget - must login, and kick some monster a**es! :D
btw. sorry for any language errors, I don't know English well, and I'm after three nearly restless nights - it isn't helping :P

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#18232 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.1 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Karman on 18 October 2015 - 01:26 PM


Finally, today's update added a little something that may randomly happen (25%) on certain battlefields.  I won't say what it is yet.. I want it to be a surprise.   It's just something to add more flavor to the game.


Nice! I like it! You're so much fun lately lmao

Added to my personal battlefields.

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#17777 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.1 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Karman on 08 August 2015 - 05:09 AM

Thanks for the info...

I'm cool with it all and thankful you can use existing monsters/bosses. I'm kind of monster making tired. But, I always wanted to setup some kind of battle with WWE wrestlers. I think the Dungeon format would do nicely :) Now just have to think of who to use and weapons, etc....

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#16778 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.0 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Karman on 11 March 2015 - 09:33 PM

I'm having a strange issue, wondering if its just something I've done or if anyone else notices this:


Mysterious SilverApple


I got a SilverApple from a chest... ok. I battled abit and later noticed I had 15 SilverApples. Battled some more, I now have 40 SilverApples.


There are no drops, monster drops, any other way to get one other than the chest and I haven't gotten any since the first one.

I've looked through every file and find no SilverApple anywhere other than items.dbs, items_food.lst, chest_silver.lst


Just now I did 20 battles and now have 81 SilverApples... ?

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#16642 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.0 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Anthrax on 21 February 2015 - 04:38 AM

Glad i can help in any way

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#16600 The Current State of #BattleArena

Posted by KuroMa on 14 February 2015 - 12:03 PM

The current state of the channel: I'm setting Kaiou on the most burning fire! Kakakakakakakakaka

Big kudos to Smz for hosting the bot (and resetting my password!) and Iyou for fixing the stuff I break! :dancing:
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#16599 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.0 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by KuroMa on 14 February 2015 - 11:46 AM

Nothing is worse than watching friends play and being unable to hop in and help.

Awwwww that's cute! :dancing:

No seriously, I appreciate the thought! I spent a long time just buying techs/skills, some a bit useless (nice that you updated the stealable items too) so I spent a lot of orbs but have a low level. It mimics my experience in #dbzrpg as the weakest party member, which wasn't fun back then. But even dying a lot I was still having a lot of fun this time around, you've played DQ so you know well how a grindy, hard RPG can be fun too!

I've been testing the SotH buff and will probably tell you my thoughts on solo playing later. So far: its a nice trade off, getting less orbs but better items. I dont have to worry as much about managing HP, just setting everything on fire (kakakaka etc.) even though the buff doesnt change the hp, only other stats, so maybe we could try different # of level buffs?
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#16416 Battle Arena Help Thread

Posted by Karman on 13 January 2015 - 05:24 PM

That's what I was looking for. I wasn't able to affect any changes though. Not sure what I'm doing with those particulare lines, lol.

That's an eggsellent idea for solo and more players :)

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#15586 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.0 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Karman on 06 October 2014 - 08:11 AM

Nice updates! I've implemented them and everything seems to be working as it should :)
I do have a question about the style augments. Would you add them like this:

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#15080 Battle Arena Help Thread

Posted by Karman on 05 September 2014 - 07:42 AM

I'm on:
Feel free to test away :)
Just be mindful if there's a game of monopoly going... we play that alot, lol
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#14043 Battle Arena Battle Bot 2.5 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by bluebellrose on 21 June 2014 - 04:10 AM

Wouldn't be so bad if the monsters killed them lol
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#12784 Battle Arena Battle Bot 2.4 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Raiden on 23 January 2014 - 11:28 AM

Those battles are meant to be difficult. It's no fun if every battle is a cakewalk. Battles like that force players to come up with new strategies that are more than using ignitions or spamming the same attacks over and over, like we had to do in the old days.

As far as SSJ goes, relying on it to win a battle is high risk. It's not meant to be something that you use for a long time. It's a massive, but short term boost in your power. In DBZ, if Gokou were frozen in time or unable to move, he'd still be using the energy that is needed to keep him boosted, so changing it doesn't make a lot of sense in that regard.. If SSJ doesn't work for the battle, that just means you have to find a different strategy to win. Instead of changing the game to make things easier, you can change the way you approach the battle.
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#12371 Battle Arena Battle Bot 2.4 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by W3Tpantsu on 07 December 2013 - 04:51 PM

How about an Accessory (besides the Treasure-Ring) that increases the chance of a Mimic to spawn?
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#12098 Battle Arena Battle Bot 2.3 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by W3Tpantsu on 22 November 2013 - 11:08 PM

Idea how about letting me sell some of this useless armor/accessories that cant be made into anything or upgraded at all?
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#16638 Battle Arena Battle Bot 3.0 Idea & Testing Thread

Posted by Anthrax on 20 February 2015 - 06:37 PM

another curiosity:


shorten some scripting by using the $duration identifier, instead of $iif statements


entirely up to you however


i change this evey update

[Sat.Feb.21~11:22:11:am] <03&Arena> 4A dimensional portal has been detected. The enemy force will arrive in 1min 30secs. Type !enter if you wish to join the battle!
[Sat.Feb.21~11:23:42:am] <03&Arena> 4There were no players to meet the monsters on the battlefield! The battle is over.
[Sat.Feb.21~11:23:42:am] <03&Arena> 2* A battle will begin in 1min 21secs.


also a few changes in translation.dat

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