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During my time spent on FFXI I’ve yet to find such a peaceful and relaxing hobby as clamming is. The area is just beautiful and it’s a very nice break from farming and leveling. Of course clamming involves keeping track of your bucket weight and making sure you don’t go too far over. This program is designed to help with that.

There are several online tools that do the exact same thing. One of which, “The Clamming Kit” (http://ffxi.lokyst.net/clammer/clamming.html) has been my inspiration in making this program. So now you’re asking why you should be using this program instead of the online ones. Well, my program not only keeps track of the weight but also the value in gil that your current bucket is worth.

This means that you can assess your risk in trying to dig up another item as you get closer and closer to your bucket weight cap. If you’re at 43/50 for example and your bucket is only worth 42 gil you might want to take the risk. However, if your bucket is at 43/50 and is worth 1700 gil you will obviously not want to take the risk.

I hope that you will find this program useful during your relaxing clamming time.

Download Binaries: Version 1.0

IMPORTANT NOTE – This program requires version 2.0.50727 or greater of the .NET framework in order to run.

Screen Shots
Note that some images may not fully represent the officially released version.

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