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Kon the C# Chatterbot

“Kon” is my attempt at creating a “chatterbot” written in C#. This bot will connect to an IRC server and join a channel whereupon it will “watch” the conversations. It will then try to “learn” from them so that people can hold conversations with it.

It has several different “brains” to learn/use in conversations. It has a basic brain that is simply a “monkey-see, monkey-do.” This brain will repeat something someone has said earlier in full, without manipulating it. It has an AIML brain (read the link for more information on AIML). Finally it has a “Language Bot” brain which is based on a chatterbot called “Language Bot” (written by BishounenNightBird of Esper.net). This brain attempts to take what people says and manipulate it so it can create semi-original thoughts. This brain is currently set to default.

With version 1.2.0 Kon is now able to connect to a Twitter account and send random updates (generated via his LB Brain) once an hour.

Hopefully with time it will grow and one day be able to pass a Turing Test

Please note that this is the ONLINE version of Kon. If you are looking for the offline version, click here.


Download Binaries: Version 1.5.4

Download Source: Click here

IMPORTANT NOTE – This program requires version 4.5 or greater of the .NET framework in order to run.

If you’d like to know what this current version of Kon does as well as what has changed throughout the years, read the changelog on the forum post.

Kon is on Twitter! Keep up with him here

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