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I debated on whether to put this on my website or not, but since I am an active player of FFXI and I have been trying to update this plugin for the unofficial Windower, I figured I might as well. It’s also on my FFXI Blog.

With that said..

Whether or not you agree with it, the unofficial FFXI Windower does have some handy little add-ons. One of which is something I use: Infobar. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it basically just adds a bar at the top of your screen and when you scroll over something (say a monster) it gives you information on the subject. It’s mostly used to look at monsters without having to run to the wiki. It can tell you if a monster aggros, what level range it is, if it’s by sound/true sound/etc etc etc. It’s handy and I don’t think it’s really “game breaking” like some of the plugins that some people use.

Anyway, the database has been out of date for over a year now and it doesn’t seem like it’s ever getting another update. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to start trying to update it. I know this is going to be quite a task, as there’s tons of new monsters in this game, but I figure..well, why not? If someone else comes along and beats me to it, I’ll gladly just give the link to their work but until then I’ll try to update it periodically.

Original Infobar Download
Database Update version 1.8b (Mar 8, 2013)

And here’s what’s new so far:

Version 1.8b – Mar 8, 2013
Found 3 monsters I had missed while roaming around Vana’diel.  Added them.

Version 1.8 – Jan 6, 2012
Fixed all of The Boyahda Tree (some monsters were there but the location was wrong so they wouldn’t show up) and then went ahead and added the GoV monsters for the following zones: The Boyahda Tree / Korroloka Tunnel / Kuftal Tunnel / Gustav Tunnel / Labyrinth of Onzozo. I used info from both wikis, so hopefully I didn’t miss anything in those zones.

Version 1.7 – July 24, 2011
Grounds of Valor monsters have been added (finally!). I am not 100% sure if every single GoV mob has been added due to the wiki’s lack of updates as of late. If anyone encounters any that aren’t in there, please let me know and I’ll add them. I haven’t had time to test to see if the aggro conditions (or lack thereof) are correct for most of the monsters as well. Proceed with caution around GoV mobs.

Version 1.6 – February 24, 2011
I have added the respawn times (5 minutes for outdoor areas, 16 minutes for dungeon/indoor areas; EXCLUDING Abyssea areas) and have added weaknesses. These are all for non NM monsters only. The NMs will have to be added at a later time.

Version 1.5 – December 30, 2010
This version contains the Heroes of Abyssea zone monsters, the level 90 monsters they added to the [S] zones, and quite a few additions in other Abyssea areas that I somehow missed (though I was positive I had added them before).

Version 1.4 – November 3, 2010
Pretty much every monster in the game should be in this update except for perhaps some of the BCNM/ENMs. I can’t promise that every single monster works and is 100% accurate (you guys will have to test it over time and let me know if there’s anything that isn’t right) but it should be close. I ended up removing the levels for Abyssea mobs that weren’t listed in the wiki. I’ll re-add the levels in the future when they’re more definitive.

Version 1.3 – September 30, 2010
Abyssea La Theine, Vunkerl, Attohwa, and Tahrongi have been added. Out of those, only Attohwa has every NM in that zone. I need to go back and add the rest sometime soon. Castle Zvahl Keep [s] and Castle Zvahl Baileys [s] have been added and are complete.

I also went back over some of the earlier Abyssea things I added and changed the mobs that I didn’t list a level for and changed them to 75-99. The mobs in those zones are AT LEAST 75 and I don’t know if they go up to 99 or not, but until the real levels are discovered it’ll work.

Version 1.2 – September 29, 2010
Xarcabard [S] and Abyssea Misareaux should both be done to the best of what I can do with the information on the wiki. Note that some NMs are missing and maybe one or two regular monsters. Abyssea Konschtat has been added as well (again, without most of the NMs). I started adding some of the newer NMs that were added to some of the earlier zones (like N.Gusta) from the patch a year ago or so.

Version 1.1 – September 28, 2010
Idle wanderers added to the promyies and the vultures added to Misareaux Coast. Almost everything in Beaucedine Glacier [S] has been added except for NMs (the wiki doesn’t list their levels). I started adding stuff from Xarcabard [S] and Abyssea Misareaux.

The zip only contains the database file and does not include the ini. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE COPYING THIS ONE OVER! I try to check when I add stuff to make sure it’s working right but sometimes I don’t get the time. It’s best if you keep a copy of a working database somewhere in case something goes awry.

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