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Mother 3 is an RPG for the Game Boy Advance, developed by HAL Laboratory and Brownie Brown, published by Nintendo. It is the third video game in the Mother series of video games, though we here in America only got the second installment under the name “Earthbound.”

I took a crack at translating some of it before I got bored.

THE UNOFFICIAL FULL TRANSLATION PATCH IS OUT!!  yes! So go download it and enjoy the game. http://mother3.fobby.net/

This means I WILL NO LONGER be translating it.  I have NO REASON to.  And to be honest, I doubt I’d ever finish it.   With that said, here’s what I finished before teh unofficial full translation came out.


First things first, hit START. You’ll be brought to a naming screen. It says to name…..

The youngest of the twins, he’s the “gentle” one………..
I’ve named him Geemer

next you name the older twin. He’s “energetic” (lit: “full of energy”) ………..
I’ve named him KuroMa

afterwards, pick a name for “a strong, easy going and dependable father” ……..
Everyone suggested I name him Iyou

Then pick a name for “the loved mother” …………
We picked Kia

Now name your “brave and clever dog” ……….
Geemer suggested CBX and that’s what I picked. Razz

After you name the dog it’ll ask for the name of your favorite food item (menu item) ……….
This one is an obvious Pancakes

Finally, name your favorite thing ………….
We decided to name it MPR (Multipong Reply wouldn’t fit)

Now you have several options.

Message Speed [メッセージそくど]
Window Color [ウィンドウカラー]
End/Exit [おわり]

Message Speed has three options
– Fast [はやい]
– Normal [ふつう]
– Slow [おそい]

Window Color has a few options
– Plain [プレーン]
– Mint [ミント]
– Strawberry [ストロベリー]
– Banana [バナナ]
– Nut [ナッツ]
– Grape [グレープ]
– Melon [メロン]

For my playthrough of the game I picked the slowest dialog speed (osoi) and the plain window color.


After you pick the options you get the above screen, the confirmation screen. It’s asking “is this correct/okay?” [これで よろしいですか?] just pick yes [はい] to start the game.

Welcome to MOTHER3 world

Nowhere Island

Tatsumairi Village

Beyond Teri Forest

Kia’s father, Arekku’s (Alec’s) House [Kiaの父 アレックの宅]

*knock knock knock*
*knock knock knock*

We find Geemer being lazy and sleeping.

KuroMa: Geemer—-! How long are you going to sleep? Wake up so we can play! Hurry! Wake up! Dorago (Drago) brought the baby! It’s..soo..cuuuuuuuute!! Come see, quick!

At this point you can control Geemer. Wake him up by pushing a direction key. I got curious and started examining objects. Such as the stove, in which he makes the remark: “It’s a genuine stove”

When you get bored of that, head down stairs and talk to Kia.

Kia: Good morning! You slept in late, Geemer-san. Kuro already went to go play with Drago and his baby.

If you try to leave the house in your PJs, Kia stops you.

Kia: Are you planning to go out and play in your pajammas? Change your clothes into something more proper.

Pick “okay” or “no”

Geemer picked no.

Kia: Well then, stay here in your pajamas all day.

You’re forced to pick “okay” And ta-da. You’re now wearing normal clothing.

Time to head back downstairs and see what’s up.

Kia: What a handsome man you’ve become. Take care (have a nice day, see ya later).

Geemer is free! Time to explore the outside world. But before I do that, I should probably mention your menu. If you hit START you will be introduced to your main menu bar with four symbols. They are as follows.

ゲッズ | そうび | ステータス | スリープ

That is..

Goods | Equipment | Status | Sleep

If you click goods you will notice a message on the bottom that says “you have nothing” [なにもありません]. Clicking on Equipment you will notice on the left your level stats: Level, Max HP, Max PP, Offense, Defense, IQ, Speed. On the right, where you actually have some control, is the following (from top to bottom): Weapon (and a spot for the weapon name, currently blank), Body (a spot for the armor, currently blank), Head (again, head armor, blank), “Etc” (a spot for other stuff, blank).

Status menu isn’t much different from equipment. It gives you a quick overall view of everything. It shows your current EXP and how mcuh you need before you level (NEXT). On the bottom right column is a spot for your special skill, which right now you don’t have one.

Sleep mode just puts your game into sleep. I won’t be using it any time during this.

With that all in mind you’re probably asking yourself “okay, how do I save?” Because sleep isn’t save and none of the other options have a save function. The answer? You have to find a frog. I’ll get to that.

For now, though, it’s time to look around outside. Let’s talk to the guy (Alec).

Alec: Oooh you finally got up, huh. Going back home today? Gonna be lonely around here.

Make your way to the far right bottom of the screen, where you will see a frog. This frog will become your friend, very quickly.

Frog [カエル]: A story extends only as far as one’s memory. Remember and memories will recall each other and become memories. If you don’t record your memories you will end up forgetting them. Therefore, please tell this frog your memories up until now. This is what people call “saving.” Now, (hopping noise), would you like to save?

Yes or no. For now, we’ll pick yes.

Frog: Be careful on your journey. Give my regards to the next frog you meet, okay?

(The word the frog tells you to use is “yoroshiku” [よろしく] which is used when introducing yourself to someone. “regards” is probably the closest translation for this context, though when you use it it’s more of a “please be kind to me, and do not exclude me from your group.”)

Geemer, bored with his frog friend, decides to try to explore the whole world! However, when trying to exit via the southern route he is stopped by a strange mysterious narrator voice.

“There’s an ant at your feet.
For now if you want to make progress, please go the other way.”

So Geemer, rejected, turns and walks to where he’s supposed to go. He then sees KUROMA hitting a dinosaur, which falls and gets back up.

KuroMa: ha ha ha ha (breathing hard) … ah.. I’m getting tired. I’ve played with Drago and his friends for a long time. Geemer, you should play too.


-> no
      Could it be you don’t know how to do a body blow?
      Drago, wait a minute.

-> yes
      Try to do a body blow to Drago. 




Suddenly, Alec’s voice shouts out at the boys playing with the dinosaur.

ALEC: KuroMa! Geemer doesn’t know how to do a body blow yet!

What? How insulting! I know how to do a body blow. You just… er.. uhmm. Okay, fine. You win this time old man.

ALEC: Geemer! Try to imagine a thing called a B Button! And hold and release this B button. That’s how you do a “dash.” If you do a dash towards Drago that’s how you do a body blow! KuroMa! Show him how to do it once.

KuroMa rams into Drago, who screams and falls over. Is he REALLY enjoying this?? It looks painful!

ALEC: Yes! That’s it! Your turn Geemer! You try to do it!

Drago gets back up. He doesn’t seem hurt, though I bet he dies a little inside every time one of the kids rams him.

ALEC: But you can’t do it with such a scared face. That goes for everything. Draw out your strength. Come on now, show some strength. Relax. Relax!

Geemer holds his breath and clears his mind. He sees a B button. He holds it. He releases it.




Geemer looks around nervously. He’s going to have to get a new passport, change his name, flee town. It’s not safe here, not as the murderer of Drago. Geemer is about ready to dash away when suddenly Drago gets back up and glares at Geemer. Phew. It looks like murder isn’t on the list of things Geemer has done. .. Yet.

Shaken, Geemer decides to calm his nerves by talking to Kuro.

KUROMA: Drago likes it more the harder you hit.

That’s a little disturbing. But before Geemer can really reflect on that too much…..a weird cricket thing runs up. It seems to be upsetting Drago and his family. Don’t you know not to upset a pair of DINOSAURS??

CRICKET: Move move move moooooveeee! The great cricket is coming through. I heard fighting and couldn’t keep silent! I’ll fight someone anywhere, any time! If you get in my way I’ll make you pay!

The cricket means business! An actual BATTLE starts! Time to explain the battle menu.

At the top you see four symbols: a music note, a box, a plus and an arrow. They read:

music note: たたく
box: グッズ
plus sign: ガード
arrow: にげる

In English: the music note means ‘fight’, the box means ‘item’, the plus sign means ‘guard’ and the arrow means ‘run away’

Anyway, Geemer is on the verge of becoming a murderer. There’s no way he’ll run away from a stupid little cricket. Time to squash it! Oh and Kuro helps too. But we all know Geemer could have done it without his help.

The cricket, dazed and confused, gets back up and starts rambling on.

CRICKET: Wow you guys have more bones than I expected. I’ll fight you any time. Next time we meet will be at “Cricket Hole!” I’m looking forward to it! …. brother.

All right! Geemer already has an arch nemesis and it’s not even lunch-time yet!



….to never be continued.

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