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Chapter 663 – GOD OF THUNDER 4
[Unix] [MangaStream]
Summary of the chapter and some thoughts are below the jump.

Askin looks in shock at Yoruichi’s new Shunkō form and asks what is going on with it, but gets no answer. Kisuke tells him that the name of the technique is Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senkei, and Askin wonders why he is answering for her, but realizes that she cannot comprehend their language. Suddenly, Yoruichi leaps into the air and confronts Askin, slashing him in the shoulder before he can react. Yoruichi throws Askin through several buildings, but Askin quickly flies back up, wondering how his immunity to her Reiatsu is not working. Kisuke then gets behind him and explains that it was all because of the mood, as Yoruichi’s moodiness was significantly increased, and this applied to her Reiatsu as well. Yoruichi briefly does not feel the mood to fight Askin and licks herself during Kisuke’s explanation, but quickly returns and hits Askin, sending him flying. Kisuke tells Askin that the smallest change in a pathogen can get around the body’s immunity, and though Askin has fast-acting immunity, he cannot possibly keep up with Yoruichi’s Reiatsu because it changes 48 times per second. Yoruichi engulfs Askin in a large blast of Reiatsu, sending him flying into the ground far away.

Yoruichi stands on a rooftop, and Kisuke calls her over to play. She flies into him and licks him affectionately before resting on his lap, and Kisuke reflects that Yoruichi’s form is bad since only he could reign her in and she was so fickle, but he thinks it is fine because of how adorable she is. Yoruichi begins moaning in pain, and Kisuke realizes that the immunity drug is wearing off. He promises to drain the poison from Yoruichi, but first he will go look for Askin’s body. Suddenly, Kisuke and Yoruichi are engulfed by Askin’s Gift Ball Deluxe, and Kisuke looks in shock as he sees Askin in his Quincy: Vollständig: Hassein.


Sigh.  This was a great chapter until the last few pages.  Why Kubo? Why can’t you just let someone have a decisive victory??  :lolkubo:

Honestly, this has been a serious problem with Bleach in the last year.  It’s starting to become stale because of it.  Here’s hoping it improves.

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