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Evil Bong [2006]

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Posted 22 February 2022 - 01:51 AM

Evil Bong, released in 2006 by Full Moon Features, is a stoner "comedy" about an evil bong that, upon being used, can pull the stoner's soul into "Bong World" and ultimately kill them.  Maybe.  Sort of?   Let's back up a little bit..




Nerdy college student Alistair McDowell moves in with law school drop-out Larnell, and his current roommates typical "surfer-stoner" Bachman and former baseball player turned stoner Brett. When Larnell sees an ad for a large bong that the previous owner claims was "possessed", he responds. They receive the bong and start smoking (with the exception of Alistair). Alistair meets Brett's girlfriend Luann and her friend Janet, who Alistair develops a crush on.


Later that night, Bachman's soul is pulled into The Bong World, which takes the form of a strip club, inside Evil Bong, where he meets some other people who I assume are from other Full Moon Feature films. They warn him to watch himself around the Evil Bong. He's introduced to one of the strippers who has skulls on her bra that start biting his neck, killing him. The next morning, the other roommates find Bachman dead on the couch. Alistair tells to them that it's probably from the weed but Larnell points out they all smoked the weed. Larnell also notices that the bong has changed; a face has started to appear.


As the plot goes on the other room mates are eventually pulled into Bong World and killed in similar ways.  And Alistair's crush, Janet, is also pulled in which causes Alistair to toke up for the first time in his life in order to be pulled in to rescue her.  There's some other minor plot threads that go on but ultimately the movie is pretty much that.  In the end Alistair and Janet manage to escape and the evil bong is destroyed which then causes the souls of the other roommates to be released bringing them back to life. 


The Good

+ Tommy Chong is in the movie towards the end and honestly he's the best actor and the best character in the whole film.

+ There's a scene where one of the stoner roommates is playing Super Mario World but the sound effects are clearly from a different game.  I don't know why but this made me laugh out loud at how ridiculous it was.  As if anyone who has ever played SMW wouldn't notice.  I guess they did that because they probably didn't have the rights for Mario but then why not just use a different game anyway? 


The Bad

+ Pretty much everything else lol.  The plot is super slow in most places and there's not a lot going on overall.  There's really only two sets in the entire film: the apartment and Bong World's strip club.  

+ The "special effects" if you can even really call them that are terrible.  I mean, I didn't expect a whole lot but I was still disappointed.


What The?

+ The evil bong's plan is to absorb all these people's souls so that she can get strong enough to control the world via pot smoke and turning the world's oceans into bong water.   Yep.



When browsing Tubi I noticed that the Evil Bong series has like 8 movies.  Curiosity got the better of me and I had a few extra hours to kill so I decided to watch it.  I kind of wish I hadn't, really.  Well, maybe if it had been for Bad Movie Monday or something it might have been enjoyable (due to us commenting on it) but watching it solo just seemed like a serious waste of time.  I'm not a stoner, I don't really "get" stoner movies I guess..   Maybe if you are you'd have a better opinion of it, but probably not lol.


Rating: 1/10 bong hits.



It is worth noting that the movie is free to watch on the aforementioned Tubi.  As are all the sequels.  I don't think I'll be partaking in any more but if anyone else wants to watch them they're there.

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