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Posted by Iyouboushi on June - 5 - 2008 Comments Off on Escape from Zearz – Version 1.0.2

Another update!

I have completely recoded the game from scratch yet again because I have found a better method of drawing the graphics to the screen and for storing rooms. The end result is that I can go back to my original idea for directions. The compass is going to disappear, though right now the graphic for it is still present on the GUI. I haven’t figure out what I’m going to replace that area with.

No snapshot for this version but if you download it and run it you will see the progress I’ve made. You can now interact with an NPC (“Ed”) and talk to him a few times. He has a few different lines to say.

As of right now I’m borrowing a few sprites and backgrounds from other games. I’m still not completely pleased with it, but it was just meant to test the other stuff anyway. I’ll be going back and revamping all of that in a future version.

This will probably be my last post about the game for awhile as the next version will take awhile.

Posted by Iyouboushi on June - 2 - 2008 Comments Off on Escape from Zearz – Version 1.0.1
So far so good. I haven’t dropped the project, though all the work I did today on it really made me wish I could.

I had to change the GUI interface a little bit due to some serious complications I was having with some of my code. I also decided I really don’t want to try and mess with a graphical inventory system for my first game. The complexity of that would be extreme for my first time so I’ll stick to a text one.
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Posted by Iyouboushi on May - 30 - 2008 Comments Off on Escape from Zearz

What happens when Iyou has played too many SCUMM games and gets really bored? A new creation!

I think I have officially abandoned The Kingdom of Crim, though I may one day pick it back up. Instead I’ve decided to make a SCUMM-ish type game called “Escape from Zearz.”

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