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Kaiou Battle Bot History
A long time ago, in an IRC channel far far away there used to be a #DBZRPG. Not my #DBZRPG, but one of the FIRST #DBZRPG to ever hit IRC. In it was a man who went by the nick Gohan_san. He made the very first IRC Battle Bot named “Kaio” and all was good.

Kaio was a neat bot that handled stats and had a DBZ-element to it to make the RPG run more like the show. Inspired by this, I decided to start my own personal project to mimic and, one day, surpass “Kaio.”

And so the Kaiou Battle Bot project was born. It ran from 1999 to 2003 successfully with many versions, many improvements, and many new things. In 2003 I thought that it would retire forever but, well, things have a way of being put back onto the burner. And here we are, [at the time of this writing] in 2011 and I’m once again face to face with this crazy project.

Well there’s probably multiple definitions for it, but to me (and what Kaiou is) a battle bot is just a tool to help people run online RPGs. In this case, the battle bot keeps track of the players’ stats, their techniques, skills, etc. It also allows the game masters to run battles and the bot will take care of how much damage a person does/receives. In other words, it’s just a way to help run a game smoothly.

The current version is 7.6b. If you do not currently have Kaiou installed, first download and install 7.6 Complete then download and install Kaiou 7.6b patch.

Kaiou 7.6 Complete
Kaiou 7.6 Lite (Patch only)

Kaiou 7.6b Patch

Kaiou Popups version 3.3.5

If you’d like to know what this current version of Kaiou does as well as what has changed throughout the years, read the changelog.

Want older versions of Kaiou?

Kaiou 7.0 Complete
Kaiou 7.1 Patch
Kaiou 7.1b Patch
Kaiou 7.1c Patch
Kaiou 7.2 Complete
Kaiou 7.2 Lite
Kaiou 7.2b Patch
Kaiou 7.2c Patch
Kaiou 7.2d Patch
Kaiou 7.3 Complete
Kaiou 7.3 Lite
Kaiou 7.4 Complete
Kaiou 7.4 Lite
Kaiou 7.4b Patch
Kaiou 7.4c Patch
Kaiou 7.4d Patch
Kaiou 7.5 Complete
Kaiou 7.5 Lite
Kaiou 7.5b Patch
Kaiou 7.5c Patch
Kaiou 7.5d Patch

Kaiou Popups version 3.1.5
Kaiou Popups version 3.1.7
Kaiou Popups version 3.1.8
Kaiou Popups version 3.1.9b
Kaiou Popups version 3.2.0
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.0
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.1
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.2
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.3
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.4

Older versions of Kaiou (pre 7.0) can be found by clicking here.

For this matter, please read this post.

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