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What the heck is this? Well, back in 2004 when I didn’t have the Internet for a few weeks (in the process of moving) I sat down and started writing my own anime based in the Animishi universe. As the name implies, it takes place in the year 2504. The episodes I wrote were in television script format. Each episode runs approximately 22 minutes in length (this is to count for an opening and closing, plus commercials)..

Basic Plot
It has been 500 years since the defeat of Dr. Ekoc. All has been good..until now.

Near Mars a space ship is attacked by a mysterious alien race and is destroyed with only time for a small transmission to be received. Fearing an invasion, the military declares that it’s now time to manufacture powerful weapons and a defense grid around Earth to prepare for war. The Bionites, who are a research-only race, declare that if such weapons are prepared they will withdraw from the “United Earth” and cease sharing their technology

A special division is formed to learn more information about the new race and to prevent a war (if possible). This division is called The Space Warriors, lead by Chief Musashi. Using their ship, the Kyuui 01, they gather information about the aliens and their forces; and, more importantly, if they can be stopped.

Episode Scripts
Episode 1: The Space Warriors
Episode 2: Mission

The Website
I threw the old website up. If you wanna see it just click here

Will I ever finish any more of it? I doubt it. It’s been five years. I don’t remember where I wanted to go with the series. The fact I managed to write two full episodes still astounds me today.

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