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Posted by Iyouboushi on April - 14 - 2015 Comments Off on I’m Not Dead Yet!

Hello world! It’s been around six months since the last time I posted anything to this website. I just thought I’d drop by to let the random stranger who happens to stumble upon this website that I’m not quite dead yet.

In fact, I’ve been busy working on Battle Arena and version 3.0 is nearing completion. Look forward to that soon if you’re interested in such things. I’m also going to eventually make some more videos testing a few newer ghost hunting apps. Are they real? Am I insane for even entertaining that possibility? Find out soon!

Soooo.. yeah. Until next time!

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Posted by Iyouboushi on February - 27 - 2014 Comments Off on C# Emulation Control News

I just wanted to come post a very quick update to say that I have started working on a DEMOCRACY vs ANARCHY type system, similar to what the Twitch Plays Pokemon program is using now. However, I’m about to be going off on vacation so that I will not be posting this update until I return.

I’m going to aim to have this uploaded on the 9th of March, so look forward to it then!

Posted by Iyouboushi on August - 18 - 2012 Comments Off on Battle Arena 1.2 is Coming

Hi everyone!

Hope things are going well for everyone out there.  I know it’s been a month since I last made a post, when Battle Arena 1.1 was released, but I wanted to say that I’ve been working on the bot.  If you’ve been following the forum then you already know about most of what’s to come in 1.2, but if you haven’t well, let me just say that (as of the time of this post) it will include 19 added things, 4 changes/adjustments, and 6 bug fixes.

Some of the added things to look forward to are (but not limited to): a chance of critical hits, a shop level cap, a super boost that acts as a reset button, a steal skill, a skill that lets you activate items to summon an ally to fight in battle with you, new monsters, new bosses, new npcs, and new weapons.

I’m going to try my hardest to get this done by the end of August but I can’t make any promises.  I’ll release it when I feel that all of this stuff has been tested.  Hopefully I can avoid any huge bugs from popping up a few days after it’s released.

Until then…


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Posted by Iyouboushi on March - 25 - 2012 Comments Off on Updates

So it has come to my attention that some lame script kiddies decided to deface my website. While this doesn’t say too many positive things about WordPress’ security, it says even less about the idiots who exploit it. I mean, really. What does anyone gain by turning Iyouboushi.com into a “LOLOL I HACKED UR SITE D00D!” page advertising their group? Are we really impressed that you took down my personal website that only hosts a few translations and programs I’ve made? Have you really accomplished anything aside from making me waste a whopping ten minutes to get it all back up online (and backed up)? People need to get lives that don’t involve pretending to be oh so l337 just because they can run a few scripts.

In other news, Kaiou 7.6 is just about done. I don’t know if you’ve been following the news over on the forum or not, but this is going to be a pretty decent version of the bot. I’ve still got a little bit left to add and then it’ll be time to test a bunch of stuff to make sure everything is working OK. Once I’m satisfied that there aren’t any major bugs, I’ll zip it up and get it up for everyone to download and enjoy. I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of March, but don’t hold me to it. :)

So yeah, that’s about all the updates from me for now. Stay tuned for more!

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Posted by Iyouboushi on December - 13 - 2010 Comments Off on I almost died…for real.

I’ve been too sick to be on here to type up what’s going on but now that I’m feeling slightly better allow me to do so now.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Iyouboushi on September - 9 - 2010 Comments Off on Kaiou & Kon Updates Coming Soon!

I’ve been busy working on new versions of Kaiou and Kon.

Kaiou 7.4 will be one of the biggest updates to the bot in a very long time and will introduce three completely new skills, one skill that has been revamped completely, the ability to sell unwanted equipment for zeni, a new tech status type, new and updated jobs, and at least ten error fixes. There might be more in the final release so please stay tuned for that!

As for Kon, well it turns out that Twitter decided to axe their basic authentication. In short it means that the current public release of Kon was unable to connect to Twitter any more. I’ve managed to partially fix this in the version I’m working on, but I’m still having a bit of trouble with the !twitter command to display the current tweet. Hopefully I can get a workaround soon so the update can be released.

Kaiou should be released sometime next week. Kon is still up in the air. But in any case, please look forward to them both. :)

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Posted by Iyouboushi on August - 20 - 2010 Comments Off on Kon Offline Updates Coming

I sat down and decided to try and hammer out a better version of Kon Offline and I’m almost done with it. So far I have eliminated the lag that was present when you typed and hit enter to when it appeared in the chat box, added some basic colors for the chat window (to make it look more like an old-school IM program), added a logger so that conversations can be logged, and added a config file so that various settings can be saved.

This version will be uploaded in a few days after I do some more testing to ensure everything is working right. Until then, be patient. :)

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Posted by Iyouboushi on June - 25 - 2010 Comments Off on New Picture Gallery & Site Update

Hey everyone! As you can probably tell I’ve gone and changed the website look again. I’m still working on some parts of it, such as the featured content, but hopefully it’ll be done soon.

In the meantime, I went ahead and added a new picture gallery: Pictures of Bri & I. I also added a few pictures to the 2010 gallery. Hooray!

And that’s it for this quick update!

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Posted by Iyouboushi on January - 26 - 2010 Comments Off on New Domain!

If you are reading this message then it means that my site is now on its own domain and has been converted successfully!

I have been working on websites on and off again for about twelve years now.  I figured it was finally time to buckle down and get an actual domain host for my site.  It makes life a little easier (as I don’t have to constantly hop between free hosts) and it gives me a lot more (creative?) control over everything.

Take, for instance, the message board.  I have set up a new phpbb3 board here on this domain and I welcome everyone to join it.  You can find it at http://iyouboushi.com/forum Easy, right?  Yeah.  And I have full control over it completely unlike the last board I was using!   Very cool.

Anyway, hopefully everything has converted over from hostoi correctly.  If not, leave a comment and I’ll get to fixing it.

Posted by Iyouboushi on January - 14 - 2010 Comments Off on Album Updates, New Banner

Just a quick new update here. I finally got around to adding a few (very few) pictures to the 2008 and 2009 albums on the Pictures of Me album page. For anyone who has followed me on Facebook or Myspace, these pictures are not anything new.

I’m still missing pictures from 2006 however. Don’t know where they’ve disappeared to.

Anyway, I also changed the banner at the top of the site. While I like the picture, I don’t know if I like the white gap at the very top between the image and the start of the page. It makes it look like his hand is being chopped off, whereas if I could remove that space it would probably look a little better. But that’s just me personally. What do you think?

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