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Iyouboushi On December - 13 - 2010

I’ve been too sick to be on here to type up what’s going on but now that I’m feeling slightly better allow me to do so now.

Around the 3rd of December I started to feel pretty bad but thought it was a cold since my sister and mom both had colds at the time. Went to work on the 4th and on the 5th couldn’t get out of bed. Started calling out of work and trying to get better. The symptoms got much, much worse and thought it was a full-blown flu.

I went to the doctor on my bday. They performed a flu test (which is extremely unpleasant if you’ve never had one; imagine sticking a Q-tip all the way up into the deepest parts of your sinuses and it keeps going X_X) and even though it came back negative the doctor said that the flu was probably what I had (after examining me). But he also said that I was dramatically dehydrated (like dangerously so).

My resting heart rate was 120 bpm. My standing pulse was 154 bpm. He said my resting was supposed to be around 80~90. Never told me what my standing should be.

Anyway, he gave me two prescriptions. Tamiflu (which is about $99 a box) and cheratussin AC syrup (some kind of cough syrup with codeine in it).

Next day I didn’t feel any better, in fact I felt much, much worse. I really, really thought I was going to die. My temp was hanging at around 104.5 degrees (105+ will start causing brain damage and death, or so I’ve heard) and it seemed like nothing I did would bring it down. Bri came over and just kept an eye on me all night to make sure I wasn’t going to die.

Next morning after that the doctor called back to ask how I was doing. Told him and he said I needed to come in for an x-ray immediately. The x-rays revealed a serious case of Pneumonia. Most of my right lung is almost completely full of it (the left has some too but the right was the worst). The bottom right lobe of that lung is also full of fluid. As to why he didn’t hear it in my lungs the first time, he said it was probably because I was too dehydrated. And it was my choice not to have an x-ray then (stupid, stupid, stupid me but I’ve never had Pneumonia before so I didn’t know and those x-rays are freakin expensive). He immediately gave me a shot on the spot of something (an anti-biotic I think) and sent me on my way with another prescription.

Got new medicine. It’s uhh.. day 3 of taking it I think. I’m still alive so I guess that’s a good sign. Doctor will call back again tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m still alive.. though just narrowly so. If I hadn’t gone to the doctor in the first place I would have died for sure. If I hadn’t gone back to the dr. the second time for the x-rays it’s quite probable I would have soon.

Pneumonia is scary.

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