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This is a very short story that Scott “Smz” and I had to write for English back in high school. Keeping it here for archival purposes.

“That was great Chris!” James and Scott both agreed, and clapped at the previous story.

“That was nothing but a children’s story.” came a low man’s voice from the back of the room. “If you want to hear a -real- story, listen to me!” Everyone turned their heads and looked at the loud stranger. He was old in appearance, with thick brown sideburns and a grayish-brown tint for his hair, which was covered by a big black top hat. Strapped to his back was an old fashioned lute.

He stood slowly, with confidence, and un-strapped the lute from his back. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Don Ramierz de la Vega, Ramus for short. I was born in Spain 30 years ago. My late grandfather gave this lute to me, and I learned how to play it when I was but five years old. I plan on using it to help me tell my story, but first let me tell you more about my history and views.

When I was real young I was extremely adventurous. I traveled around the world, and saw many places that many men can only dream about. Who in this room has actually seen the Pyramids of Giza, or the Great Wall of China? Not many, I can imagine. Anyway, as I grew older and into my later teens, I decided it was time to settle down. I spent several years doing things that I sometimes regret. I moved to America for a better opportunity in life, and love. Oh dear, now love is a topic that I can talk about forever.

I was not very good at getting dates, and I’m still not. I am extremely shy, and timid when it comes to these situations. I saw one of the American TV dating shows and decided that I would give that a chance. Man, was that ever a bad mistake! My first date on one of those shows happened to be with a woman who thought that men should be nothing more then slaves! That was horrible! I personally believe that love should be equal in such a relationship.. as I found with my late wife.

Now, of course, you are wondering about my wife. How did I meet her? How did she die? I met my wife in the most ironic way, through a blind date. Many people think that blind dates are the worst thing that can possibly happen to anyone. Well, let me tell you, after being on a dating show, and dating a woman who believed I should be nothing more than a slave, a blind date seemed like heaven!

The blind date itself went great. We really ‘clicked’ when together. I loved her with all my heart! We dated for several years before we finally got married. I was 27 at the time, just 3 years ago from now. It seems just like yesterday, I was holding her in my arms, hearing her voice.. ”

Ramus paused for a moment and wiped a tear from his eyes. “I am sorry, but this is hard for me. Everyone knows that life is never fair and is a constant fight to survive. Well, my wife had just graduated from med-school about the same time that we got married. Her first assignment was to go to the poor towns in Africa, to do tests and research. While in Africa she caught some disease Ebola I think was the name of it. She fell extremely ill to the disease, as there was no real cure to it. She died only a few weeks later.

I have not married again, in fact, I have not even looked for another one. I believe that I will spend the rest of my life alone, but you know, after tasting the sweetness of love I do believe the old saying (tis better to have love and lost it, than to have never loved at all) is true.” Ramus started to daze away.

“Get on with your tale!” another man yelled. Ramus looked over at him.

“Young people have no respect for the elders..but.. very well. This is my tale, the tale of Mayoke. Hidato Mayoke was a world famous hero, in another time not un-similar to our own. You see, Hidato was a nomad, and in one of his travels he met a skilled warrior by the name of Ryokahan. They were un-matched when fighting together for the same cause. They were like brothers.

However, in one of their late adventures together, they met a beautiful maiden, by the name of Mary. Both fell instantly in love and argued with one another over who should have the right to take her hand into marriage. Mary liked both, but (as the legends say) she liked Hidato the most. And so.. now that we are caught up on the events, let me sing you the tale of Mayoke. I like to call this song.. ‘Tomorrow will Take us Away’

Long ago the bards would sing their songs
About heroes, dragons, love and fairies.
Listen my friends about a tragedy,
Where love stood between friends.

It was the midnight hour
Mary’s word had spread
that Hidato should take her hand
but he always cowered in shyness, again and again.

TOMORROW will take us away..
Far from home, no one will ever know an end. But the bard’s songs will remain.
TOMORROW will take us away..
The fear of today will be gone into magic songs.

Poor Ryokahan, mad with jealously
Decreed a duel – Hidato vs Him.
This was no ordinary match
it was between friends of friends.

Both were equal in strength
Both were equal in skill
But alas only one friend
Would be left to stand, still.

TOMORROW will take us away..
Far from home, no one will ever know an end. But the bard’s songs will remain.
TOMORROW will take us away..
The fear of today will be gone into magic songs.

They both met on the fields
Drew their swords and faced each other.
Hidato begged to reconsider,
But Ryokahan was now too bitter.

Although Ryokahan was a great fighter
he was no match for a master.
Hidato had won the match
and Ryokahan was at peace with himself.

Now this is all I have left to say
That life was and never will be fair.
You have to fight, to stay alive
But in the end.. everything will be alright.
Just let tomorrow take us away, through that
Dreary night. ”

Ramus strapped the lute back to his back, took his grand bow, and sat down. He smiled to himself, wiping one last tear away from his eye.

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