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Iyouboushi On April - 1 - 2008

A few days ago I had an idea for a new bot: an FFXI character tracker. Kinthoras of Esper.net and I talked it over and he decided to create one in Java. I decided to create my own, based on his Java bot, in mIRC’s internal scripting language. I have just finished my first version and it does everything his does except searching (and that may be forthcoming in a future version).

Current commands:

Displays this list in a private message

!stoneskin [enhancing/BLU skill level] [MND]
A Stoneskin/Metallic Body calculator that shows how much it will absorb

!create character [name]
Creates a character

!delete character [name]
Deletes a character you have created (cannot erase other people’s characters**note they are GONE after you use this command. There is no retrieval)

!update job [character name] [job] [level]
Updates a character’s job

!update craft [character name] [craft] [level]
Updates a character’s craft

!update race [character name] [race]
Set a character’s race

!update gender [character name] [male/female]
Set a character’s gender

!update nation [character name] [nation]
Set a character’s home nation

!update rank [character name] [rank]
Set a character’s rank

!character lookup [name]
Display’s a character’s info

Where do you download this beauty you crazy FFXI/mIRC addicts? You can download it by clicking here. The loading information is inside the file itself as well as a command list. If you are unfamiliar with loading mIRC scripts, it’s best to create a seperate folder (C:\moogle\ or C:\ffxi\ will work) with a copy of mIRC in the folder (version 6.16 or greater should work just fine). Once you do that, unzip the .mrc file in that folder, load mIRC and type /load -rs ffxi.mrc and it should load just fine. Now sign into your server, join the channel and (with a seperate client) try some of the commands.

This tracker is really only useful if you run an FFXI-based channel and want to have a little tool to help out with keeping track of characters. Hopefully it will continue to grow and include more and more functionality.

Here’s a sample of what the bot may do. This is after I have input all of my information:

Iyouboushi> !character lookup Iyouboushi
Moogle> [Name: Iyouboushi] [Server: Quetzalcoatl] [Race: hume] [Gender: male] [Nation: Bastok] [Rank: 3-3]
Moogle> [Jobs: WAR: 32 | MNK: 11 | WHM: 8 | BLM: 8 | RDM: 17 | THF: 15 | PLD: 20 | DRK: 1 | RNG: 9 | NIN: 23 | DRG: 1 | BLU: 32 | COR: 18]
Moogle> [Crafts: Fishing: 2 | Alchemy: 0.8 | Bonecraft: 0.0 | Clothcraft: 4.2 | Cooking: 35.5 | Leathercraft: 0.0 | Smithing: 2 | Woodworking: 13.5]

My version is currently running on irc.esper.net in #Vanadiel. Please note that Esper has a pretty strict bot policy. If you choose to run your version on Esper, connect it to bots.esper.net or risk being banned. Also, if you do choose to run your own please don’t run it in #Vanadiel as that will just be confusing.

If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas, please post them in a comment here.

More to come…

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