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Iyouboushi On October - 11 - 2010

This is really a two-part tweet. So here we go..

Kubo Tite said: ドミノピザのサイト凄えな!!
“The Dominos pizza website is weird!!”

A short time after he posted that one he followed up with this.

Kubo Tite said: 注文したらピザの製作過程のムービーが流れて、観終わってから5分くらいでピザ届いた。すげー。
“After ordering, it shows a live stream of the production stage of the pizza after which it takes about 5 minutes to be delivered. Cool!”

I’ve used the Dominos site before. When you order it shows you what stage your pizza is in (being prepped, in the oven, etc) as well as who’s making it, who your delivery person is, etc. It’s pretty neat. It usually doesn’t take long to deliver once it goes out of the oven and into the delivery person’s hands.

I’m surprised that the website works in Japan. They don’t have a Dominos Japan website (or if they do I can’t find it). Wonder how that works.

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