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Iyouboushi On November - 12 - 2010

Some more Kubo tweets! Since all of these tweets are pretty much related I thought I’d post them all here in one post. Also, as a reminder, I still consider myself a beginner in Japanese. If anyone out there ever reads these and goes “heeeey! That’s not right!” please don’t be afraid to tell me. You can always contact me or just leave it as a comment. I won’t take offense and would actually be quite grateful for the corrections.

With that said, here we go!

Kubo Tite said: 南青山にテスラモータースのショップができてる!
“A shop for Tesla Motors is being built in South Aoyama”

I never realized that Tesla Motors even existed until this tweet. Sad, I know. Here’s the wikipedia article on them.

Kubo Tite said:そうそう。 RT @kakoiyoshiyuki: @tite_kubo 馬鹿野郎!テスラ、逃げろ!ってことですか?
“Oh, yes! RT @kakoiyoshiyuki: @tite_kubo ‘Idiot! Tesla, run away!’ Like that? “

The “Oh, yes” Might also be read as “That’s right!” And this tweet confused me for a few minutes until I realized that the person was quoting a character named Noitora from Kubo’s manga, BLEACH. If you look at Volume 34, page 54 you can see Noitora shout out almost the same thing. Here’s the relevant panel:

I have no idea why the person sent him that though, other than maybe trying to be funny since the name of the place matches the name of that character.

Kubo Tite said: 詳しいね。一回実物見てみたいよね。 RT @cherryageha: @tite_kubo ホントですか!?電気自動車のですよね!?うわああああ!車好きとしては行きたいです!!!
“I know how you feel. I want to try and see the real thing one time. RT @cherryageha: @tite_kubo Are you for real!? Electric automobiles!? Uwaaaaaaaah!! I love cars! I have to see it!”

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