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I ended up finding some bugs since the last release and wanted to fix them. While I was doing that I went ahead and rewrote the way accuracy works in the bot. Be sure to check out accuracy.txt inside the documentation folder for more information. Full changelog below the jump.


  • Added accuracy to the bot. This replaces the old way that the bot does evasion/dodging of attacks. For full information on the new accuracy system see accuracy.txt in the documentation folder..
  • Added a new status: drunk. This status can only be obtained by using a new alcohol type item. The drunk status lowers the ability to dodge, lowers accuracy, but increases attack damage.
  • Added a new item to the library: rum. This is an alcohol type item that will cause the drunk status.


  • Updated the amount of BP players/monsters get when charging energy.
  • Updated the Combine Power system so that it works with Natural Armor.
  • Updated Kaiou Ken so that it checks for the virus status effect now.
  • Updated Kaiou Ken so that it checks for the charmed status effect now.


  • Fixed the ability to clear the ‘tornado’ status effect via /me fulls.
  • Fixed it so “Caught in a Tornado” will now show if !status is used when under that effect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the tornado magic effect from ending in battle. It can actually end now.


Kaiou 7.5b Patch

Remember to install Kaiou 7.5 Complete before installing the 7.5b Patch.

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