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Iyouboushi On August - 30 - 2011

I’m currently working on Kaiou 7.5c. This time it will be a bit slower of a release, so don’t expect this one for a little while longer. I just thought I’d post a preview post showing a few things that are in the works.

* Suicide Type Techs
If you remember, Vejita found a way to blow himself up to do massive damage in an attempt to destroy Buu. Ultimately it failed on Buu, but until now there really hasn’t been anything like that in the bot. Well, fret no more! Now you too can blow yourself up to do crazy damage. I would recommend that DMs limit who has this type tech as it can get a little crazy. Here’s a little preview:

[21:27] * Iyouboushi uses his mijin_gakure on dummy
[21:27] Dai_Kaiou-shin> Iyouboushi uses all of his life to perform this technique!
[21:27] Dai_Kaiou-shin> Iyouboushi blows himself up! Weeeeeeeee!
[21:27] Dai_Kaiou-shin> The attack did 1563 damage
[21:27] Dai_Kaiou-shin> Dummy swings back and forth smiling all the while.

My normal blast tech, Kamikata, normally does around 390 damage to the dummy in case you were wondering.

This type tech is based pretty much on HP. The more HP you have when you use it, the more damage you’ll cause. Monsters can do it too and, if you’re like me and give monsters a lot of HP, they can do astronomical damage (the practice dummy did 997,264 damage with one tech ON THE HARDEST [read: near invincible] MONSTER I’VE EVER MADE IN MY RPG). As I said, DMs need to be careful who they give this ability to.

* Zombie status effect

[02:02] * Iyouboushi uses his zombie-o-matic on dummy
[02:02] Dai_Kaiou-shin> Iyouboushi hooks Dummy up to his zombie-o-matic machine
[02:02] Dai_Kaiou-shin> Dummy is now a zombie!

People can be inflicted with the zombie status in 7.5c. It follows the Final Fantasy style zombie effect. That is to say, a person under the zombie effect is hurt by healing techs and are weak against light based magic until the status is cured. To cure it, I’ve added a new item called holy_water. Note that this status doesn’t wear off on its own like most of the status effects in the bot. This one has to be cured via /me fulls, a senzu, or using a cure-zombie item (like the holy_water item).

* Double Attacks
And I’m currently adding the ability for physical/weapon attacks to randomly do a double attack. It will increase the total damage a little bit. It’s going to be around a 10% chance of happening with every physical/weapon attack (no techs). I’m currently debating if I’ll add a passive skill that will increase the chance of a double attack occurring.

So there’s a few things that Kaiou 7.5c will have. I hope to add a little bit more before the release (which will probably be mid Sept or so).

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