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The Kaiou 7.5c patch has been released! Continue after the jump for the changelog and download link.


  • Added a new tech type: Suicide. This tech type will use all of the user’s HP to create a massive attack. It will kill the user. The amount of damage decreases as the user’s HP goes down.
  • Added a new status type: Zombie. Zombies will be hurt by cure techs and healing items and will take more damage when attacked via Light elemental magic techs. ZOMBIE STATUS TYPE will not wear off naturally. It must be cured via item (either senzu or holy_water)
  • Added a new item type: cure-zombie. It cures the zombie status when used. holy_water is a pre-made item that does this.
  • Added double attacking! It’s a random chance that will cause a player attack twice. The conditions are: it must be a physical/weapon attack (no techs), the attack must do damage and must not miss. It is set currently to a 10% chance of happening randomly.
  • Added “battle conditions” please see battleconditions.txt for more information on this.
  • Added a new command: !battle conditions It’s a player or higher level command that has the bot display the current battle conditions.
  • Added a new command: !set battle conditions <new conditions> It’s a DM level command that allows the DM to change the conditions of the battle. Read battleconditions.txt for more on conditions.
  • Added a new tech type: StealPower. This tech type will drain the target’s stam,ap,dp,cp,cd,eva,bp and add it to the attacker. Recommended that DMs be careful who they give this to as it can make them really strong really fast.
  • Added a new passive skill: DesperateBlows. This skill will cause physical damage to increase relative to how close to death a person becomes. More than 25% health is normal damage. From 10% to 25% health the damage is 1.5x damage. From 1% to 10% the damage is 2x. And anything less is 2.5x damage. Add it like so: !addskill <person> DesperateBlows 100
  • Added a new monster-only skill: gradual_immunity. Monsters with this skill will become immune to tech types that are used against them after the first time. Add it with !addskill <monster> gradual_immunity 100
  • Added a new command: !clearimmune <monster> This is a DM level command that clears all immunities of a monster.
  • Added new jobs! Thanks to Smz for creating them.


  • Changed the heal-hp item type so that it causes damage to players/monsters under the zombie status.
  • Changed the formula on the ‘affect’ type techs so that the attacker/defender’s levels play a part in how much is drained.
  • Changed it to read [Battle Power] in !stats instead of [Base Power]


  • Fixed a bug that might prevent the passive weapon skills from working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with the heal-hp item type.
  • Fixed a bug with accuracy that wasn’t taking boosts/increases in speed/eva into consideration
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to charge even if he/she was dead/unconscious.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the rage meter to go below 0 when using an ‘anger’ type boost.
  • Fixed a bug in !addtech that would sometimes write an incorrect zfile.
  • Fixed a bug with !addboost when relating to SSJ
  • Fixed !skills so that it shows resist-zombie now.

Kaiou 7.5c Patch
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.4

Remember to have Kaiou 7.5b installed before installing the 7.5c patch.

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