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Iyouboushi On December - 2 - 2011

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I have added the auto perform code into Kon. This post will be a short explanation of how it works so that when the version is released you’ll know how to do it.

Right now the commands will be read from perform.kon which is a plain text file that can be opened in any plain text editor (notepad works fine for it). The commands that are recognized for the auto perform are: JOIN, SAY, MSG and WAIT.

JOIN – Joins a channel
SAY and MSG both work the same way here and lets you have the bot send a message to someone or say something to a channel when the bot joins the server.
WAIT – This command causes the bot to pause for a few seconds inbetween commands. Use this if you have a lot of commands set in the auto perform so that the bot doesn’t flood the server and get booted off.

So what you’ll do is open kon.perform in your favorite plain text editor and add a command one to a line. For example:

JOIN #KonBot
MSG NICKSERV identify mypassword
SAY #KonBot hello all my peeps!

And then save it. When the bot is run the next time, it’ll automatically do all of those commands. I’ll include a perform.kon.example file that will basically show exactly that in case you forget.

I’m not sure when I’ll release this update. I want to test it a little while longer and make sure there’s no issues with it before I do. But I’m sure it’ll be soon. :)

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