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Iyouboushi On December - 6 - 2011

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7.5d has been released! For the changelog of what’s new in this version and the download link keep reading after the jump!


  • Added the ability for techs to get stronger the more they’re used. For every 300 uses the tech will gain +1 to its attack strength.
  • Added a new capsule type: R
  • Added some new accessories. These new accessories do not have stats in the normal sense, but rather have latent effects.


  • Changed the capsule type drop rates. Type C is now the most common with type R being the most rare.
  • Updated !view-item accessory so that it will reveal the bonus effect of the newer accessories.
  • item accessory so that it will reveal the bonus effect of the newer accessories.
  • Updated !count capsules to show the counts of class D, E and R capsules.
  • Updated the !sell command so that players can now sell unwanted accessories.

Kaiou 7.5d Patch

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