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Iyouboushi On February - 17 - 2012

I’ve begun work on Kaiou 7.6, finally after quite a bit of time.

The first thing I’m working on is adding the (long-needed) Monster Types. Basically monster types will act as templates for your newly created monsters. Let’s say you want to make a Dragon. You could, of course, create your dragon and then set everything manually (all the techs, skills, resistances, etc). But if you wanted to save some time you could use a pre-made template for Dragons that comes with some basic Dragon-like techs and skills, plus natural armor and resistances/weaknesses/etc and then add your own stuff to it afterwards.



Iyouboushi> !settype black-dragon dragon
Dai_Kaiou-shin> black-dragon now knows how to do the DragonBreath
Dai_Kaiou-shin> black-dragon now knows how to do the DragonRoar
Dai_Kaiou-shin> black-dragon learns the Flying skill (at 100%)!
Dai_Kaiou-shin> black-dragon learns the DesperateBlows skill (at 100%)!
Dai_Kaiou-shin> black-dragon has been set as monster type: dragon!

As you can see, my Black-Dragon monster was set as a Dragon Type and gained two techniques, DragonBreath and DragonRoar, the ability to Fly (Flying Skill) and the DesperateBlows skill. While not mentioned, it also gained 2000 Natural Armor points (as “Dragon Scales”). The bot did set some resistances and weaknesses but at this time Dragon Type monsers have none.

When you’re done setting a type you can use the !checkmonster command to take a look at your monster in more detail.

Iyouboushi> !checkmonster black-dragon
Dai_Kaiou-shin> Here is black-dragon’s current stats:
Dai_Kaiou-shin> [Max HP 2059] [Max MP 2706] [Max Stamina 2831] [Base Power 8291] [Level 24]
Dai_Kaiou-shin> [Attack Power 1065] [Defense Power 934] [Chi Power 1048] [Chi Defense 972] [Evade 882]
Dai_Kaiou-shin> [Immunity none] [Weakness none)] [Elemental Immunity none] [Elemental Strength none] [Elemental Weakness none]
Dai_Kaiou-shin> [Natural Armor Name Dragon Scales] [Natural Armor Amount 2000]
Dai_Kaiou-shin> [Desc a fierce black dragon summoned by the powerful wizard Aris]

As for knowing what the techs do, I plan on writing a monster type text file that will have a list of all the types and what they all include.

Now all I have to do is add the various monster types. :P

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