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7.6 has been released!  For the changelog and download links, continue after the jump.


  • Added “Monster Types”. Please read monster_types.txt for more information.
  • Added a new DM-level command: !view monster types Displays a list of available monster types.
  • Added a new player-level command: !readtype <monster> Will display the monster’s type.
  • Added a new status type: Slow. When under this effect your speed will be halved when the battle list is generated. Evasion will also be lowered when attacked. If you attack while under the slow status, your accuracy will be lower.
  • Added a new item type: caffeine. This will cure the slow status. Example item is Coffee.
  • Added the battle condition “no-slow” — Will disallow the slow status from being used.
  • Added the resist-slow resistance skill.
  • Added “Killer” trait skills. For example dragon-killer, bomb-killer, etc. These skills will cause extra physical damage to be done against that type of monster. Note that it doesn’t work with techs. To add one: !addskill <person> XX-killer 100 Replace XX with the monster type. Androids and Machines do not have a killer trait.
  • Added a new tech type: Bash. It works the same as tech type Cut.
  • Added a new tech type: Death. This tech type has a small possibility of inflicting instant death upon a target. The chance of success increases when the attacker’s BP is higher than the defender’s.
  • Added a new skill: Singing. This skill allows the user to perform a song for a target. Each song will do something different. Songs require instruments (that can be purchased with zenni) to perform. For some more information on this, see the singing.txt help file.
  • Added a new skill: SoulVoice. This skill allows a singer to sing their next song without the use of an instrument. Use !SoulVoice to activate it. DMs add it as !addskill player SoulVoice 100
  • Added a new skill: Kikouheni. This skill will allow the user to change the weather. DMs add it as !addskill player Kikouheni 100. Users can use it as: !kikouheni (weather type here)
  • Added a new skill: TreasureHunter. This is a passive skill that will automatically enhance the odds of finding better capsules by 5%. DMs add it: !addskill player TreasureHunter
  • Added a new skill: ManaWall. This skill will consume a user’s remaining MP to create a barrier that will completely negate one magic spell used against him/her, reducing the damage to 0. DMs add it: !addskill player ManaWall 100. Users use it with !ManaWall.
  • Added a new skill: SubtleBlows. This is a passive skill that will decrease the amount of limit breaker bar points and rage bar points the target receives when hit by an attack. DMs add it like so: !addskill player SubtleBlows 100
  • Added a new player-level command: !instrument-list
  • Added a new player-level command: !song info (song name)
  • Added a new rare accessory: Life-Ring. This accessory will cut the chance of a Death tech from working by half.
  • Added a new rare accessory: Delimit-Ring. This accessory will allow the wearer to store more than 300 limit breaker bar points.
  • Added a new job: Bartender. Thanks to Smz for that.


  • Changed !summon so that it now clears the status effects of the monster being summoned.
  • Changed a few things in monsters.lst (the automatic monster creation templates).
  • Changed the way the regeneration skill works. Now it no longer causes the player to skip his/her turn when active. The amount regenerated is slightly decreased for monsters also.
  • Changed damage calculations against a character that is in rage mode. Attacks will do 50% less damage now.
  • Updated !buy so that players can now buy instruments and songs.


  • Fixed an error in which the tech name would be displayed in the battle wound extra damage message.
  • Fixed a bug with !next in which it wasn’t using the new battle order generation.
  • Fixed !status so that it will show the zombie, slow, stun, sleep and virus statuses.
  • Fixed !status so that the first status will be red, like the rest, rather than green, if it’s not “normal”.

This is a pretty huge update to the bot. I’ll probably be taking quite a bit of time away from Kaiou before I start working on it again (unless there’s some major bugs that I didn’t find while testing this version out).

Kaiou 7.6 Complete
Kaiou Popups version 3.3.5

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