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Iyouboushi On February - 24 - 2014

It’s another release of my C# Emulation Control programs!

Release 006 includes versions 1.3 of the IRC client and 1.2 of the console bot.

In this release I’ve added support for the “C” button that SEGA Genesis uses (set it to keyboard key I) and added support for the PSX buttons (you’ll have to look at the readme text for that though as there’s many buttons).  I’ve added fceux to the IRC emulation list and cleaned that up a little (it’s by console -> emulator available  now instead of just a list of emulators).  On the code side of the IRC client, I’ve fixed a bug that would cause the program to crash if you hit “SEND” before you were connected to a channel. Speaking of channels, I’ve changed the client to check for the “#” in the channel name and add it if it’s missing.

Perhaps the best change to both versions is better window handle search functionality.  This means it’s now possible to use pretty much any emulator with both programs.  In the IRC version you can use the command /setemu (emulator name) to manually select an emulator that isn’t in the official menu list (such as /setemu ePSXe).  The console version already has a menu option you can choose and follow the prompts.  To make this work with the console version I had to include a bunch of default control config files, so please don’t remove these.  You can still use custom ones for certain games though but if you don’t have one for a specific game use the default config for the console you’re trying to play.

Just as a quick warning, the better window search functionality seems to be working pretty good but there’s still a chance that it might not be able to find the emulator that you’re trying to use.  It’s still experimental, so keep that in mind.  Also you still have to set the keys up the way you would normally.

My next goal in this program is to make it so you can define the keys used by the programs instead of it being forced to use the built-in ones.  This might take some time though, so for now just enjoy release 006.

Emulation Control – release 006 (contains version 1.3 of the IRC client, version 1.2 of the Console Bot)

As a bonus, here’s a video of the console bot playing Devil’s Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night).


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  1. bswaldmann says:

    Thanks a lot for this man, and if you can get a version out with custom keybinds that will be all I need, I’m trying to get two streams running on the same PC and the emulators keep conflicting with each other.

    Either way, YOU’RE A HERO! THANKS CHIEF!

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