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Iyouboushi On March - 25 - 2014

Release 009 is now available for download!

Nothing changed with the console bot (honestly I don’t know what more to do with it since my goal isn’t AI) but the IRC side of things is now version 1.6.  I know I never posted about version 1.5 here on my main site (I did on the forum though) so I’ll briefly say that version 1.5 of the IRC Client added DEMOCRACY mode.  Version 1.6 introduces the ability to have a command repeated a certain number of times.  I’m sure you’ve seen on TPP people doing stuff like “UP 5” or “DOWN 3” and it doing the multiples of the command.  Well, I’ve replicated that for mine.  Whitespace doesn’t matter here. You can have “UP 5 information on fast online payday loans” or “UP5” and it does the same thing. You can also put the number before the command (5UP or 5 UP) and it should still work.

For mine the max amount is 5, so anything higher will be reduced down to 5.  Right now it works with anarchy.  Democracy doesn’t do multiples yet.  Considering my waning interest in this project I figured it’d be better to release what I have now rather than have it sit on the back burner for a while before I get around to adding support to democracy.

Anyway, hopefully this might make things a little more pleasant for smaller streams.


Emulation Control – release 009 (contains version 1.6 of the IRC client, version 1.2 of the Console Bot)

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