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Bleach Chapter 624 – The Fang
[Manga Stream] | [Unix]

Summary and thoughts are after the jump.

Aizen recovers from having his Reiatsu dispersed by NaNaNa, prompting Shunsui to note he still cannot move. After noting that NaNaNa’s attack only managed to keep Aizen down for five minutes, Shunsui tells Aizen to stay here until they have the doors prepared, prompting Aizen to note that the ones who stopped him will be entering the palace before he can before stating Ichigo is a man who is very hard to forgive.

Meanwhile, in one of the cities surrounding the Soul King Palace, Ichigo is kicked awake by Yoruichi and, after coughing up blood, wonders why he is the only one who passed out. In the past, Ichigo manages to stop and crush Uryū’s Heilig Pfeil as Orihime catches him, herself, Ganju, and Sado with Santen Kesshun. Suddenly, black arrows embed themselves into Orihime’s shield as Yoruichi, having lost her left arm, prepares to pull them up. However, she is interrupted when Kon bursts out of Ichigo’s pocket in his muscular body, causing Ichigo to fall unconscious.

In the present, an angered Ichigo grabs Kon by the head and begins tormenting him, only to stop when Yoruichi, with her arm restored by Orihime, asks the group if it is time for their revenge. As Ichigo wonders how they will get up there, Yoruichi tells someone to come out, prompting a Garganta to open nearby, revealing Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez inside.


It may not be a great Bleach chapter, but at least it was entertaining for once (compared to the past 4 or 5 chapters at least).  I still don’t know how Grimmjow got into the royal realm by using a normal portal.  I mean, the others had to go through insanity to enter the place but he can just enter normally?

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