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Bleach Chapter 628 – New World Orders
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The chapter’s summary and some thoughts are below the cut.

As the Gotei 13 forces walk into the Royal Realm, Shinji wonders why they are standing in the streets of the Wandenreich city. When asked to explain this, Urahara notes that the coordinates are correct and that this should be the palace, leading Shunsui to theorize that the streets were lifted from the Seireitei and rebuilt in the Royal Realm. Shinji expresses disbelief at this being possible, but Shunsui notes that this means Yhwach is now capable of doing something like this. Pointing out how the streets seem to go around something and how there is nothing above them, Suì-Fēng states the palace has fallen and Yhwach has everything in his hands.

Meanwhile, as Yoruichi notes that they were lucky to escape the restructuring by entering the Garganta, she and Yūshirō Shihōin sense each other’s Reiatsu, prompting Yoruichi to explain to the group that Yūshirō is her brother and the one who took over as head of the Shihōin family after she was disowned. As Ichigo and his friends envision what he looks like, Yūshirō attempts to go meet Yoruichi, only to fall off the palace, forcing Renji to catch him. Byakuya notes that they will likely find it hard to create footholds out of Reishi here because the Reishi concentration is much higher than it was before, which means that it was likely altered to favor the Quincies. When Byakuya states that the Soul King is likely dead, Shunsui steps forward and notes that they merely need to defeat Yhwach and find another Soul King before telling the Gotei 13 to move out. However, they are shocked when a large, towering city with Silbern at the top is formed in the distance.Within Silbern, Haschwalth informs Yhwach that Ichigo, his friends, and the Gotei 13 have intruded upon their Welt. Yhwach notes that this tower will soon become the cornerstone of their new world before deciding to call it the Wahrwelt.

Okay Kubo.  We get it.  The Royal Palace has been transformed.  How many reaction shots and explanations for that do we really need!?  Seems like the last 3 chapters have been nothing but that. :lolkubo:

Basically another filler chapter where almost nothing happens.  At least this one had a bit of comedy mixed in though.  Bleach would have been soooooooooooooo much better if it was more like Gintama–a gag manga with maybe a few serious arcs here and there sprinkled in, but almost all just silly insanity fun.  Kind of like how Bleach was towards the beginning, actually, before it became lolshounen.  I really hope Bleach hurries and ends sometime soon.  I’m tired of trying to keep up with it.

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