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Chapter summary and some thoughts are below the cut.

Upon seeing Lille’s new form, Shunsui notes with exasperation that even blowing Lille’s head off did not kill him, prompting Lille to claim that this is what despair looks like before proclaiming that he is an invincible servant of God meant to destroy all sinners. After forming a right arm, Lille uses it to shoot a ray of light that slices through the city below before causing multiple explosions. As the smoke clears, Lille realizes Shunsui has escaped despite his injuries and admits that he expects nothing less of a Captain-Commander.Elsewhere, Katen Kyōkotsu tells Shunsui that he should escape due to his injuries and states that no one would blame him if he did before promising to take him away with her. However, as Shunsui closes his eyes, he is awoken by Nanao, who begs him to take her Zanpakutō despite the promise he made to her mother. Suddenly, Lille appears behind Nanao and notes that she is still here despite all Shunsui did to let her escape before attacking them, only for Shunsui to move himself and Nanao away. As Lille notes that they escape once more, Shunsui sits in shadow with Nanao and notes that she knows about her mother before deciding to return her Zanpakutō, Kyōkotsu.



We waited over five years to finally see what Shunsui’s bankai did.  Kubo liked to drop hints that it was powerful and “too dangerous” to use around other people (friends) and finally we get to see why.  It’s freaking dark, causing your opponents to commit suicide .  I had to applaud Kubo for doing something kind of dark and different (keep in mind that even though it has lots of fighting it’s still a children’s comic). But no, that’s not good enough. A HUMAN Quincy basically overcame Shunsui’s bankai .  Just..  :lolkubo:  Why?   Why can’t someone in Bleach just have a decisive victory??  I will say it right now: I absolutely HATE that Lille survived Shunsui’s bankai.

But, I also have to give Kubo credit for the twist at at the end.  I wasn’t expecting that at all…

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