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Chapter 664 – The Gift
[Unix] [MangaStream]

Summary of the chapter and some thoughts after the jump.

Askin notes that by being exposed to 48 different types of Reiatsu, and if he could go one second without attacking in his Vollständig he would be exposed to all 48 types of patterns. As Kisuke watches him in a cold sweat, Askin says that he could probably change Reiatsu in other ways, but it would be useless now since his Vollständig, Hasshain, can adapt to changes in an element’s properties. Thus, no matter now many changes an element goes through, he would be immune to it as long as it has the same base. Askin tells Kisuke that none of them could land another hit on him no matter how much they change their Reiatsu, but challenges Kisuke to give him another surprise like he expects.

Askin uses Gift Bereich, surrounding him and Kisuke in an impenetrable energy field in order to prevent the Shinigami from escaping. However, Kisuke tells Askin that he does not seem to be acting out of pure loyalty. Askin replies that he had a lot of loyalty, but Yhwach also interests him. Askin states that Yhwach is going to destroy the real world, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo and make something new from the destruction. There would be few others that would try to change the world like this, and Askin asks Kisuke if he too would not be curious to see Yhwach’s creation. Kisuke slashes at Askin, but the Quincy dodges it as he compliments Kisuke’s ability to move that fast in the Gift Bereich. Kisuke tells him that he had no interest in seeing this new world, although Mayuri Kurotsuchi may share Askin’s vision. However, Kisuke notes that Mayuri would still have no interest in seeing this world, because as true scientists they would want to create new worlds themselves.


Askin likes Kisuke’s answer, but is still unswayed in his opinion as a Gift Ring expands around his arm. He throws it toward Kisuke, but it disappears in front of the Shinigami. Suddenly, the ring reappears inside his right eye and destroys it, forcing Kisuke back. Askin says that Gift Ring is used for opponents too strong for The Deathdealing to work on, and it puts the ability into one focal point and instantly destroys it. Askin tells Kisuke he only has the option of mutilating the former captain’s organs one by one, but Kisuke responds by activating his Bankai: Kannon Biraki Benihime Aratame.





After so many years of waiting we finally get to see Urahara’s bankai!


Unfortunately I’m really hating these fights though. They’re so predictable and repetitive:  Bad guy shows up to face Heroes.  Heroes do some super strong moves.  Bad Guy looks like he’s dead, but nope. Vollstanding.  Bad Guy kicks some of the heroes to the curb with haxx powers that no HUMAN should have.  Another good guy powers up and it swings back into the heroes’ favor.  Then either the bad guy dies or survives somehow (but weakened) only to be beaten later by yet another hero.




But I hope Urahara’s bankai is cool.  I guess at this point that’s all I can hope for.

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