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Chapter 665 – The Princess Dissection
[Unix] [MangaStream]

The chapter’s summary and thoughts are below the cut.

Noting that Askin is not leaving him much of a choice if he is earnestly trying to kill him, Urahara activates his Bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame. When Askin admits that he does not have any intel on his Bankai, Urahara states that this is the first time he has used it in front of the Quincies, prompting Askin to wonder what kind of power it possesses. Urahara points out how this is a very personal question before telling Askin that he will be experiencing its power soon enough as Askin’s arm is suddenly split open. As Askin leaps back, his arm is sown up, prompting Urahara to praise him for realizing that his Bankai has a range before revealing that its power is to restructure anything it touches as the hands of Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame repair his eyes. Slashing Askin across the chest, Urahara turns around and crosses blades with him as Askin expresses surprise at Urahara being able to see. Urahara restructures his other hand and grasps his sword before sending Askin flying through several buildings. However, Askin manages to recover and laments how this is turning into a battle of brute force before increasing the power of his Gift Ball Deluxe to incapacitate Urahara. As Askin admits that he does not want to deal with Urahara’s Bankai, Urahara notes that he forgot one thing as Askin is impaled by a hand through his chest. Pointing out how Askin never said his Gift Bereich was impenetrable, Urahara reveals that he made a path inside and thanks Grimmjow, who crushes Askin’s heart in his hand.



Last week there were some fake spoilers floating around that Urahara’s bankai would cause Askin to age rapidly and kill him. I am SO glad that those spoilers were fake. I had a feeling that they would be (especially after it was announced that Kubo was sick and taking a break) but one can never really know.

In any case, now we know why Urahara’s bankai wouldn’t be very good for training.  :XD:

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