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Iyouboushi On August - 17 - 2010

Hey everyone!

I know there’s a bunch of people out there who have taken interest in my C# Chatterbot, known as Kon. And I know that not everyone is able to hop on IRC and go chat with him. Watching it post on twitter is interesting at first but sometimes you wish you could just interact with it. Well, today I have the solution for you!

I’ve written an offline version of the bot appropriately named Kon Offline. This is the first release of the bot. It is currently using Kon version 1.4.3 to drive it, so it’s up to date.

There are a few things you might want to know about this version:

The bot currently has three different modes that you can toggle. They are:

* Chat Only
* Learn Only
* Chat While Learning

* Chat Only
This mode is simply chatting, nothing else. You can send text and Kon will try to create dialog based on what you say to it.

* Learn Only
This mode is to teach the bot something new. When you talk to it, it will record everything you say into its brain. Kon will never respond to you in this mode.

* Chat While Learning
A combination of the two above. The bot will take what you say to it and store it in its brain, but it will also try to respond to the line as well.

And there’s multiple brain controls (such as sorting, erasing, and feeding a text file to its brain). There are some things that this version does NOT do compared to the online version:

* Cannot connect online in any way (twitter, IRC, etc)
* Does not generate log files (yet)
* Cannot save your chat nickname (yet)

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same. Please chat with him and teach him a lot of interesting things. Then go to the forum topic and post your funniest conversations and/or your brain files. Who knows? I might end up using your brain file as the default in a future version.


Download Binaries: Version 1.0.0


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