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What do you expect to see when you see a DVD box like the one above? A decent horror film? A cheesy, yet enjoyable, film? Perhaps a diamond in the rough. Well let’s take a look at Mr. Jingles and see.

After being imprisoned for years for a crime he didn’t commit, an innocent man emerges from prison as Mr. Jingles — a killer with revenge on his mind. Determined to make the guilty parties pay for what they did, Mr. Jingles goes on a bloody killing spree, wreaking grisly havoc on the families of those who put him behind bars. But the homicidal clown had one witness who got away — and spent years in an institution trying to erase the gory memories. Now she is back and ready to join society again — but someone else is planning a very different homecoming… <-- back of the box. That sounds like a pretty unique and decent horror movie doesn't it? Well, take that plot summary and toss most of it out the window. The movie starts after the point of Mr. Jingles emerging from prison. In fact, he's already killed everyone except for Angie, a 12 year old girl who watches as Mr. Jingles murders her family. Just as Mr. Jingles is about to kill her, the police bust in and shoot him. Time skips forward to Angie, now 19, getting released from the loony bin and moving in with her cousins. But little did she know that also on this day that Mr. Jingles is out of prison and ready to go after the one who got away. The rest of the movie follows Angie, her cousins, her cousins' goth friends and the two cops who shot Mr. Jingles 7 years ago. You see, it's Angie's birthday and there's going to be a birthday party. Meanwhile, the goth friends want to scare everyone and buy a Mr. Jingles costume. After Mr. Jingles kills someone in a cemetery the cops get involved. So with that summary it still doesn't sound too terribly bad. The problem is with everything else. The Bad
Let’s start with the bad this time, instead of the good.

So what’s bad in this film? Just about everything. Let’s start with the footage. It looks as if the whole movie was shot on an old VHS video camcorder from about the 80’s. It looks more like a home movie than it does a professional film. The lighting is often wonky also.

The acting.. in a word is.. awful. No one in this film can act. NO ONE. I guess the guy who played Mr. Jingles is probably the closest to the best actor in the whole film but even he’s pretty bad. The people who did this film also couldn’t get a 12 year old girl to play Angie in the beginning, so it’s the woman who plays her later on bent over and trying to conceal the fact she’s 19+. It fails.

The story, while it doesn’t sound too terribly bad, is a problem because the film decides to tell you a lot of stuff rather than show you. As I mentioned, you don’t see Mr. Jingles as the innocent man who ended up in jail (not even in flashback). So you don’t get to see a poor innocent guy fall into madness while serving time in jail. Instead, you see him as the insane clown who just murdered two people and was about to kill a girl. This makes some of the story really confusing later when one character is explaining things to one of the cops later on.

The Good
Unintentionally, this movie is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. There was a part here I just couldn’t hold it any more and was laughing so hard I was crying. It’s worth watching if you want a laugh.

What The?
There’s a scene where Mr. Jingles “kills” one of the cops with his double axes. If you look at that scene you can see he’s holding the axes backwards. Way to go!

The guy who played Mr. Jingles is a Phd!

Final Thoughts
To be honest, there’s no review that could ever truly explain just how awful this film is. IMDB has rated it a mere 2 out of 10. I’m not that generous. I’m giving this film a .5 out of 5 just because it made me laugh really hard. If it hadn’t done that, it’d be a 0, easily. Seriously. Dracula 3000 and Manos (Hands of Fate) are better films if that’s any indication of just how bad this film is.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a Youtube clip of the “best” scenes from the film (including the part where he holds the axes backwards; should be the last scene in the clip):

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