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Iyouboushi On November - 4 - 2010

The Leprechaun is back for his 5th film, entitled Leprechaun in the Hood. In the last film he went to SPACE! Can they top it? Let’s find out!

Mack Daddy (played by rapper Ice-T) and some forgettable fodder find the stash of the Leprechaun’s gold and a magical flute. They also find the statue of said Leprechaun, still played by Warwick Davis, and remove the magical medallion that was keeping him in a stone state. He comes to life, kills the fodder and is, by some inconceivable odds, defeated by Mack Daddy and returned to his statue state.

Skip ahead in time. Three young rap artists that could give the Three Stooges a run for their money in terms of idiocy are looking for their big break into the industry. They need money to buy some music equipment so they can go to Las Vegas and enter a contest. They meet up with Mack Daddy, now rich and famous thanks to his magical flute, who agrees to “hook them up”, but later declines. The rappers want to get even with him so one night they break into Mack’s place and steal a lot of his jewelry, gold, and even the medallion off an ugly looking statue. Shouldn’t have done that! Because without the medallion, Leprechaun is once again freed. And boy is he POed. He goes on a killing spree and once again is looking for his missing gold (and especially his magical flute). Oh and as the first lines of the movie say, “there’s nothin’ scarier than a Lep’ in the hood!”

The Good
Uhh..well, I guess there are a few humorous moments? I guess Warwick Davis still looks pretty good as the Leprechaun.

The Bad
EVERYTHING else. At this point Leprechaun isn’t so much of a horror film as it is a dark comedy. The problem here is that it’s not very funny. In fact, this movie is just plain boring. The acting is terrible, the dialog is worse and the plot is kind of boring (seriously? in the HOOD? They couldn’t come up with a better place to send him?). I mean, the original Leprechaun when it came out was pretty good. It hasn’t really aged that well, sure, but it’s still miles above this piece of crap.

The scariest part of this movie is knowing that they made yet another Leprechaun movie after it. You want to know what the next one is titled? I’ll tell you anyway: Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

Yes… this movie was so popular (WHY?) that they decided to send him BACK to the hood!!

Rating: 1/2 star out of 5. And that’s probably more than it deserves.

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