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DmC: Devil May Cry.  I think this is the first time I got a new game when it was released and beat it within a reasonable time in years.  I swear it normally seems like I’m the last person on the planet to get a game and it usually takes me forever to beat them. I guess this goes to show that I actually enjoyed the game quite a bit.

Most of the points in the demo review I did still stand.  I would like to add that I did see quite a few textural issues during the cutscenes while playing on the PS3.  It seems like the game glitched a lot on shadows and occasionally things would just pop up and out randomly (like grass and trees).  I don’t know if it’s just my PS3, the fact it’s running 30fps, or what.  It was noticeable though and that’s probably the biggest complaint I have with the game at the moment.  It was only during the cutscenes that this occurred as well; the in-game graphics ran fine and smooth.  I never experienced any slow-downs, clipping issues, or anything else with the actual in-game graphics.

So with that said, I actually had a lot of fun with this game.  I’m really anxious for the Bloody Palace DLC now (always enjoy going through those except for DMC 2’s lol).  And I still have a lot of stuff to go back and collect that I missed the first time around (mainly due to trying to finish the game’s story).

I’ve had a few people ask me if I’d recommend this game and my answer is this:  are you an expert DMC player? Can you Royal Guard everything to perfection? Do you know how to jump cancel and basically can beat the games backwards and forwards in your sleep?  If so, you will more than likely find DmC  too easy even on the harder difficulties (and may find it boring due to it being too easy).  If you’re like me and you’re just an average Joe player at DMC, you will probably have fun with it.  It’s not overly difficult to the point where you want to ragequit but I found myself dying at least a few times in the game (so it’s not a total pushover as well).  The story is cheesy but it’s partly based on They Live, a cheesy B-movie cult classic, so it’s expected.  Besides, who really plays a DMC game for a deep story?  I do think the ending of the story is a bit rushed though.

I got it for half off thanks to an X-mas gift card and I’d honestly say $30 is probably about the right price for this game.  Unless you just really want to have it now, I’d say wait and get it at half off or so.  But yeah, I’d recommend it.  It’s fun and I didn’t feel bad about wasting those 10 or so hours playing it.  With the Vergil story add-on DLC, the Bloody Palace DLC, and a new costume pack  (including a Classic Dante look) all coming around the corner, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be putting DmC on a shelf and out of the way any time soon.

Just for fun, here’s a few of my favorites (some spoilers below the cut, don’t read these unless you’ve beaten the game or don’t mind some spoilers):


Favorite Angel Weapon: Aquila
I had tons of fun playing with this weapon.  It was the first weapon I fully upgraded and once you get this, you won’t need the scythe

Favorite Demon Weapon: Eryx
Surprisingly, I used this weapon a ton in this game.  Normally when you get the Hand to Hand weapons in the other DMC games I never touch them.  Maybe it’s because they force you to use this one for a while to bust through walls and stuff, but I got used to it and hardly ever switched back to the axe weapon unless I just wanted to do a bigger, slower, hit.

Favorite Boss: Vergil
Not only for nostalgia’s sake but because he was actually fun to fight.  Most of the bosses were a little boring or downright annoying (it’d be my one real complaint with this game).  Vergil was more like his DMC 3 counterpart in this fight.

Favorite Level: it’s a long one, but probably Mundus’ Tower.
I thought it was funny when Dante gets off on the wrong floor and you hear Kat basically say to avoid that floor no matter what due to it being heavily infested .  Plus the way they did that level with the chalkboard like effect as you’re running through was pretty neat.  I still need to go back to the sky bridge and get the trophy for beating it without getting hit lol.

So yeah.. that’s about all there is to say about this for now. I may come back and talk more about the game later after I play through it again and collect more stuff.

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