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Iyouboushi On August - 3 - 2014

The update is finally here!  Sorry it took so long but hopefully the wait was worth it.  As always, the changelog is below the skip.


  • Added a “defenseup” check and status.
  • Added the ability to make melee hits into AOEs.  In weapons.db add target=aoe to the weapon you want to be AOE.
  • Added an “ImmuneToMagic” flag that can be set to true if you want a monster/npc to be completely immune to magic. It goes in [info]
  • Added a new special boss fight: Wall of Flesh.  In this type the bot will generate a wall of flesh based on the current battle streak. This boss fight is similar to the Demon Wall and the battle will end in a loss if 16 turns pass.
  • Added a new AI type: TauntOnly.  As it suggests, anything with this ai type will do nothing but taunt.
  • Added a new active skill: Lockpicking.  This skill allows anyone who has it, and has the lockpick item, to attempt to unlock a chest without needing the correct key.
  • Added a new passive skill: DualWield. This skill will allow a player to equip two weapons and use techniques from either of the weapons without needing to switch. For melee attacks, the # of hits for the attack will be both weapon’s # of hits combined. Use !equip left weaponname and !equip right weaponname
  • Added “Players Must Die” mode. Inspired by Dante Must Die mode in DMC, this mode makes monsters harder and makes it so players will not restore full hp/tp at the end of battle.
  • Added a new bot admin command: !toggle mode playersmustdie    This will toggle PMD mode on/off
  • Added the bot admin command: !toggle Bot Colors   This command will turn the colors on and off.
  • Added the bot admin command playername wears armor/accessory name — Use this command to force a player to equip armor or accessories
  • Added the bot admin command: playername removes armor/accessory name   — Use this command to force a player to unequip armor or accessories
  • Added instruments and songsheets to the Bard merchant.
  • Added “singing”– use /me sings <name of song here>  to use a song in battle.  Each song has a different effect in battle. Each song also requires a certain instrument to perform.
  • Added !view-info song <songname>  that will give information on a particular song.
  • Added the ability for monsters to sing songs. In [skills] put singing=1  and then [songs] list the songs you want them to have
  • Added the ability for monsters to be “inactive” until they’re hit. While inactive they do not need to be defeated in order for the battle to end. To make this happen, [battle] status=inactive
  • Added a new player style: Beasmaster.  While using this style, players will be able to control their summons manually. The commands are the same as if they were trying to control a linked player (such as summonname attacks target)
  • Added shields! To use them, players need the DualWield skill. The shop command is !shop list shields and !shop buy shield name Note that shields are sold by an NPC merchant and if the merchant is not there or kidnapped then shields will be unavailable.
  • Added two new flags for weapons: CanCounter and CanShieldReflect.  canCounter can be set to false if you don’t want a melee attack from that weapon to ever be countered. If CanShieldReflect is set to true then the attack will always be countered if the target is using a shield. Think Deku Scrubs from Zelda.
  • Added the Shield Merchant NPC.
  • Added the Traveling Merchant NPC. He’ll show up every month for 5 days of the month: from the 15th to the 20th. He sells two accessories a month (one accessory is static, the other changes every month).
  • Added the Wheel Master NPC. Unlike the other NPCs, he starts off kidnapped and does not have any requirements to be rescued/come to the Allied Forces HQ.   Once he’s saved, you can use the !wheel help and !wheel spin commands.
  • Added the Wheel Minigame.  It needs the Wheel Master in the Allied Forces HQ to be played.  Default cost is 500 red orbs and can be played once per 24 hours.
  • Added the Gardener NPC. Once he’s been rescued from monsters players will have access to the garden.
  • Added the Allied Forces HQ Garden. Use !garden help, !garden plant itemname, and !garden status to interact with it. The Gardener NPC must be rescued in order to use the garden.
  • Added new portal items/battles.
  • Added the “Time of Day” to the bot.  The bot will cycle through morning->noon->evening->night at 2 battles per time.
  • Added the monster flag TimeOfDay=  where you can choose what times of day you want the monsters to show up. It goes in [info]
  • Added the command !time to show you the current time of day and the # of what day it is.
  • Added code for the bot to keep track of the number of days that the heroes have been fighting. Remember that the “day” it is is based on the cycle of morning to morning (every 8 battles by default).
  • Added a new system.dat flag.  AllowColors=true/false.  If set to false, the bot will strip the colors from the messages it sends out.  It’s set to true by default.
  • Added the ability for monsters and bosses to have DeathConditions. The mon/boss will only die if the right type of attack is used to kill them, otherwise they will be revived.  In [info] put DeathConditions=  valid list is: melee, magic, tech, item, renkei, status, magiceffect  You can list multiple by putting a period inbetween such as: melee.magic.status    Leave this blank if you want the mon/boss to die from any type of attack.
  • Added the ability for npcs/monsters/bosses to have custom revive descriptions. [descriptions] revive= Don’t add the name of the person in this line as the bot will add it automatically.
  • Added a new botType option in system.dat: TWITCH.  Using botType=TWITCH will cause all private messages to be sent to the channel as Twitch does not support notify or msg.  As such, there’s a chance that the bot might be kicked for flooding. Use at your own risk.  Note that the !id command is NOT needed for characters in this mode.
  • Added a new flag in system.dat for TWITCH mode: TwitchDelayTime. Using this it’s possible to adjust how slowly the bot spits out messages while in TWITCH mode. The default is 2 seconds.
  • Added !add person DoubleDollars #  – Bot admins can use this to give doubledollars to a player.
  • Added !take person DoubleDollars #  – Bot admins can use this to remove doubledollars from a player.
  • Added a player level command: !level sync #   Using this command, players can adjust their levels to any level under what they are currently.  The level sync will wear off at the end of the next battle.
  • Added new monsters/bosses/portal battles
  • Added new items


  • Changed the way passwords behave. Now they are hashes rather than encodes.  In order for this to work, the bot must be running version 6.3 or higher (the old version, 6.16 will still use encode for anyone who doesn’t want to upgrade).
  • Changed the Auto Next so that it will boot anyone who misses 3 turns in a single battle out of the battle (sets them as if they fleed the battle).
  • Changed Lost Souls and Orb Fountains to explode once darkness hits.
  • Changed !styles to allow the viewing of other player’s styles (such as !styles Iyouboushi)
  • Changed !view-info tech to show the stat modifier of techs.
  • Changed NPCs to not show up during boss battles
  • Changed the code for !weapons to be a little more efficient.
  • Changed the code for !shop list weapons to be a little more efficient.
  • Changed the max conquest points for players and monsters to be 6000.
  • Changed all of the Creed +2 armor to have the EnhanceBlocking augment.
  • Changed the AI code for healer type AI.  They will no longer try to use a healing tech on a zombiefied character. If there are no valid targets that aren’t zombiefied, it will use a tech on itself.  Note this won’t stop AOE techs.
  • Changed battlefields so that there’s a 40% chance that the weather will randomly change.
  • Changed Kikouheni so that it now adds the “weatherlock” condition to the battlefield. This means the battlefield won’t change weather on its own any more.
  • Changed how the bot pulls the drop list for monsters/bosses to read from a drops.db file.  If the drop list is missing or empty in drops.db, it will attempt to read the drop list in the actual monster/boss .char file.
  • Changed the !bat list battle order list to put monsters/characters/npcs that are still alive in bold.
  • Changed how red orbs in chests works. Now if the player level is above the streak level there will be a bonus applied to the amount of orbs determined by the current streak level. If the player level is below the streak, the bonus won’t be applied at all.
  • Changed the Guardian monsters to allow multiple targets that have to be killed in order to hurt the target. [Info] Guardian=   Can add multiple with periods inbetween:  Monster1.Monster2.Monster3
  • Changed the level difference a player can be to a target and still have the magic effect work. It used to be 20, now it’s 50 on non-portal battles and 25 for portal battles.
  • Changed !id on TWITCH mode so that you don’t need a password to receive bot access. Again, this only works on TWITCH mode.
  • Changed the poison status effect so that it will turn off the sleep status effect if both are on the same person


  • Fixed a bug with !speed
  • Fixed a bug in which Spoony the Bard could not be kidnapped.
  • Fixed a bug in which techs done with weapons obtained via special items would do the wrong amount of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where a target that dies and is revived and dies again will count as 2 deaths instead of 1 on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed a bug in which players could control other players even if the access wasn’t set to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons that have 0 cost (i.e. can’t buy) are showing up in the shop
  • Fixed an issue with chests being able to be opened multiple times if the bot is lagging.
  • Fixed an issue where dead cover targets will still be shown being tossed by monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with the shop where sometimes the skills would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which !npc status wouldn display in the channel when used in a private message instead of private.
  • Fixed an issue where doing 0 damage should no longer be able to stagger an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where a target could be staggered even if the target was dodging/blocking/parrying/etc
  • Fixed an issue where targets protected by a guardian could still be hurt by magic effect damage
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to do actions while blinded/stunned/other turn-skipping statuses
  • Fixed a potential issue with AI battles in which two healing types could be in battle together, thus never ending.

This version has 41 additions,  20 changes, and 15 fixes.

Version 2.5 Complete (August 3, 2014)

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