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Iyouboushi On April - 30 - 2015

The eight month wait is finally over and version 3.0 has been released! Aren’t you excited? I’m excited. The changelog and download link after the jump.



  • Added the bot admin command: !display players and !display zapped Using this the bot will generate a full list of all active or zapped players and display it to the bot admin who used the command. The !display zapped command will also generate a zapped.html file that bot owners can upload if they choose.
  • Added the bot admin command: !unzap If the bot admin knows the zapped file name, it is now possible to restore it. For example, if the file is Iyouboushi_a4kf88 you would use !unzap Iyouboushi_a4kf88
  • Added the bot admin command: !password reset playername – This will reset the player’s password and send the player what the new password is (so use it when the player is online). The bot admin will NOT see the new password.
  • Added the bot admin command: !toggle SpiritOfTheHero – This will toggle Spirit of the Hero on and off.
  • Added the bot admin command: !toggle battle messages – This will toggle between old and new battle announce messages
  • Added the bot admin command: !toggle bot bold – Will turn bold on/off for the bot
  • Added the bot admin command: !time to enter # – where # is the number of seconds for the !enter period
  • Added the bot admin command: toggle personalDifficulty – Will turn !save difficulty on/off.
  • Added a CanDodge=true/false flag to techniques. If set to false, it will be impossible to dodge the technique.
  • Added a new flag in system.dat: EnableDNSCheck=true/false This will allow the bot to attempt to get the host names of players. This is necessary to use the player limit. If disabled the bot won’t attempt to use it and players can have as many characters as they want.
  • Added a new flag in system.dat: showCustomBattleMessages=true/false If set to true the bot will display the new battle starting messages for orb fountains and bosses. If set to false it will show the old one.
  • Added a new system setting: ShowDeleteEcho When set to =true the bot will show every time it erases a .char file Useful for debugging if something is going amiss.
  • Added a new system.dat setting: AllowBold=true/false If set to false the bot won’t show bold
  • Added a new system.dat setting: EnableGremlins=true/false If set to false the gremlin special boss battle won’t happen
  • Added a new system.dat flag: TimeBetweenSave=3600 In seconds, this is how long players have to wait to use !save battle streak
  • Added a new system.dat flag: TimeBetweenSaveReload=1200 In seconds, this is how long players have to wait to use !reload battle streak
  • Added a new system.dat flag: RedChestBase=$rand(150,700) This is the base amount of red orbs that will appear in red chests
  • Added a new system.dat flag: WheelGameTime=43200 In seconds, this is how long players have to wait to use !wheel spin
  • Added a new system.dat flag: EnableFoodOnOthers= If set to false +stat (food) items can only be used on the owner
  • Added a new system.dat flag: AllowPersonalDifficulty=true If set to false players will no longer be able to use !save difficulty
  • Added a new system.dat section: [PlayerLevelCaps] In this section bot owners can set the level caps players have when fighting in certain battles. If a player’s level is above the cap it will be synced down
  • Added a new system.dat section: [MonsterLevelCaps] In this section bot owners can set the level caps certain bosses have when fighting in battles. If a monster’s level is above the cap it will be synced down.
  • Added a new special boss battle type: Gremlins.
  • Added Capacity and Enhancement Points. 10,000 Capacity Points will equal 1 Enhancement Point. Players gain capacity points by being in battles that are higher than streak 100. Note that the player level has to be within 10 of the streak in order to gain capacity points. After streak 500, the amount is 500+(10% of streak level)
  • Added the Enhancement Point shop. Use !shop list enhancements and !shop buy enhancements itemtobuy
  • Added the ability for styles to have augments. In playerstyles.db under [augments] you can add/remove/change them.
  • Added a new active enhancing point skill: Stoneskin. This skill will allow players to gain a natural armor in battle. The amount it will absorb is (10 + level)% of int up to 3000. It will wear off at the end of battle if not broken.
  • Added a new active enhancing point skill: TabulaRasa. This skill will attempt to inflict a target with amensia. The chance of success is 40 + (skill level) %
  • Added a new passive enhancing point skill: SpoilSeeker. This skill will increase the odds of players getting a spoil after killing a monster by 2% each level.
  • Added a new passive enhancing point skill: Demolitions. This skill will enhance bomb attack items (such as dynamite, holy hand grenade, bomb fragment) by 4% per skill level, up to 40% max.
  • Added the active skill: Warp. This skill will allow the player to warp the next battle to a specific battlefield for 2,000 red orbs. This skill can only be used outside of battle and cannot be used to warp to portal battlefields.
  • Added the ability for monsters and npcs to be able to use battle items. In [info] put CanUseItems=true and then in [Item_Amount] put the item name and how many of the item the user has.
  • Added a new item type: Trust. The Trust item type will summon an NPC ally to fight alongside you. Note that Trusts can only be used if you are solo in the battle. They are not consumed like normal items.
  • Added NPC Trusts to the shop. Use !shop list trusts and !shop buy trusts itemname
  • Added a new timer to try to prevent bot stalling.
  • Added a new NPC type: PayToAttack. In [info] put ai_type=PayToAttack This type will only attack if the player has given him/her some orbs.
  • Added Login Points. Now logging in once a day will give the player 10 points.
  • Added the !loginpoints command to allow you to see your, and others, login points.
  • Added a !dcc command that will attempt to initiate a DCC chat, courtesy of Andrio. Only useful if the bot is in DCC mode.
  • Added the missing skills to dccchat.mrc
  • Added the presidentnames.lst file. The bot will now pick a random name for the allied forces president each time he/she is killed by monsters after a failed president battle.
  • Added the ability for the bot to check [augments] for armor names (outside a mech) and mech weapons/cores (when inside a mech). I’m adding this mostly for NPCs/monsters/bosses, as players can’t augment those things without the bot owner doing it manually.
  • Added a new Shop NPC: Syrup the Potion Witch. Upon arriving at the HQ, she will unlock the Potion Effect shop. Use !shop list potioneffect or !shop buy potioneffect effectname
  • Added a new Shop NPC: Setzer the Gambler. Upon arriving at the HQ players can use the !chouhan mini game. !chouhan #amount odd/even Use !chouhan help for more information
  • Added Potion Effects. These are special bonuses that players can purchase from Syurp. They will be applied during or after the next battle for the player who has the effect on.
  • Added the ability to sell weapons back to the shop. Use !shop sell weapon weaponname – You will receive 1/2 of the original cost back except for blueprint weapons in which you will receive a flat 5 black orbs back.
  • Added a new battle type: Defend the Outpost. In this type, players will have to survive 5 waves of monsters to successfully defend an outpost.
  • Added a new battle type: Assault. In this type players will have to defeat monsters in order to capture an enemy outpost.
  • Added influence to monsters and allied forces. This is only used to determine when the new battle types occur.
  • Added the Spirit of the Hero buff. If you are trying to fight on a streak that’s 10 levels or higher than your current player level, you will be boosted up to (streak – 3) level for the battle. If your HP is below a certain amount for that streak you will receive an HP boost too. Note that receiving this buff will nerf the amount of orbs you receive at the end of battle big time (ex: if you would normally receive 40k you’ll receive around 1k).
  • Added a new battlefield limitation: no-trusts. When set, trust items cannot be used on that battlefield. If a trust or NPC was in the battle before using a portal item that has that limitation then the trust/npc will be killed.
  • Added a new battlefield limitation: no-summons. When set summon items cannot be used on that battlefield.
  • Added a new battlefield limitation: no-npcs. When set, npcs cannot appear during that battle.
  • Added a new battlefield limitation: no-quicksilver. When set, players cannot use !quicksilver in battle
  • Added a new battlefield limitation: no-fleeing. When set, players cannot flee from the battlefield
  • Added spoils.db. This is where the bot will determine the spoils drops. drops.db will be for the stylish drop.


  • Changed the !augment commands to work in private or channel.
  • Changed the !augment list command to allow for more augments to be shown if more than 30 weapons have augments.
  • Changed the portal battles so that they have a level cap. Any player that is above the cap will be lowered to the cap.
  • Changed the shop to allow players to view and buy techniques that are on the left-hand weapon.
  • Changed the drops in the bot so that players who land a finishing blow on a monster will have a chance of obtaining a drop (spoil) from that monster if it has one available. The default chance is 40% and can be increased with SpoilSeeker.
  • Changed the !armor code to display armor that you can’t wear in red, +1 armor is in the darker blue and +2 armor is in the bright blue to help make it stand out.
  • Changed the lockpicking skill to be 3% per level, up from 2%.
  • Changed Evil Doppelgangers so that they are generated correctly if the user is level synced.
  • Changed chests so that red chests can never spawn mimics.
  • Changed the GIVES command so that players can now give red orbs to certain NPCs. The command is /me gives # orbs to name Note it only works on certain NPCs that require red orbs to take action in battle.
  • Changed the GIVES command so that players can only given items and orbs on their turn while in battle. Outside of battle they can still do it whenever.
  • Changed the way the bot picks NPCs so that they can now have streak minimums/maximums like monsters and bosses.
  • Changed the Inactive type monsters/npcs so that they can have a custom description for when they become active. In [descriptions] put Awaken= and the desc (don’t add the name to the beginning).
  • Changed the scoreboard.html to include the level of the player
  • Changed the drunk status to last 2 rounds
  • Changed the GIVES message to hopefully show grammatically correct lines when giving items that end in y (such as ruby). Note you still have to use the item name that’s in the bot (ex. ruby not rubies) when using the command.
  • Changed the way the bot handles negative status effects on targets. If the player is fighting solo most will only last 1 turn. The status effect turn amounts can now be found in battlealiases.als under the alias status.effects.turns
  • Changed the way the bot does all of the status timers to make it consistent and work correctly with the other status changes
  • Changed the modifier checks so that they will also check for the name of the weapon in addition to the rest
  • Changed the way the bot displays damage in that resisted damage will show in purple while enhanced damage will be in orange
  • Changed the way the bot displays the “battle open” message to better help the players understand what type of battle is next
  • Changed the chance of a rescue allied president battle to 25% and lowered the streak from 100 to 20. This is because the battle can only happen if the NPC is kidnapped and isn’t true random like it used to be.
  • Changed how the allied forces president is generated slightly (stat-wise)
  • Changed the chance of certain special boss types of occurring by a small amount.
  • Changed the way the bot boosts portal monsters, hopefully keeping them closer to the synced levels
  • Changed the way the bot does the stats for monsters, npcs and summons upon summoning to the battlefield.
  • Changed the way the HP for monsters/summons/NPCs/bosses are boosted at the start of battle
  • Changed demon portals so that monsters spawning out of them will be slightly less than the battle streak.
  • Changed the special bosses to be have capped battles and different streak levels than in previous versions
  • Changed the auser of the bot owner (the first person in the bot admin list) to be 100 instead of 50
  • Changed techniques so that multiple elements may be checked via a tech’s modifier adjust
  • Changed the in between battle and battle open messages to use the mIRC identifier $duration
  • Changed the bot to use version.ver for the bot and system.dat versions.
  • Changed $return_winningstreak to work correctly with portal battles
  • Changed the way conquest points work so that it’s clearer and more understandable.
  • Changed orb fountain battles on streaks 50+ so that there’s a 30% chance that monsters will attempt to defend it.
  • Changed the skills BloodBoost and BloodSpirit to cost (3 *skill level)% hp to perform
  • Changed !save battle streak to only work on winning streaks 11+. Anything below cannot be saved.
  • Changed the amount that the Fullbring skill does. Level of fullbring and the streak # now play a part in boosting the amount.
  • Changed the way the StealPower tech type works slightly. Instead of absoring all of the stats, it’s now a $log of the stats.
  • Changed the way the bot generates the [status effects] list for display. It is now possible to edit them in translation.dat
  • Changed the max amount of TP that monsters/npcs/summons can have to 500.
  • Changed !use so that you can use !use itemname by itself if you want to use the item on yourself.
  • Changed the way the bot figures out the favorite to win the AI vs AI battle to also include Metal Defense and the Monster Summon skill in its calculation.
  • Changed the way the bot determines the next battle type so that orb fountains and bosses cannot happen back to back except where a boss battle happens before a guaranteed boss battle level
  • Changed the lockpicking skill to no longer work on red chests.
  • Changed the amount of damage that is done if the same technique or attack is used back to back. It now encourages players to swap weapons or mix up their attacks.
  • Changed the way players purchase stats so that one single stat cannot be raised to obscene levels above the rest. While they don’t have to be raised completely equally, they have to be within a certain amount of one another.
  • Changed !score so that it will update without needing to use !scoreboard first.
  • Changed and updated every portal boss to have a level cap


  • Fixed an issue with songs showing resists on targets who shouldn’t be affected by the song to begin with.
  • Fixed an issue with counter attacks showing the wrong pronouns sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with lost souls appearing in gauntlet battles.
  • Fixed an issue where instruments could be used with !use
  • Fixed an issue with the mech shop so that cores and weapons that cost 0 won’t show up for purchase.
  • Fixed an issue with the snatch error message showing the wrong name
  • Fixed an issue with monsters being unable to take action while charmed.
  • Fixed an issue with techniques doing too much damage when a player was level synced.
  • Fixed an issue in which Ghost Turkey could show up in other months besides November
  • Fixed an issue with the bot not checking left-handed weapons for augments
  • Fixed an issue where a techonly monster could counter a melee attack
  • Fixed an issue with !look in private messages that wouldn’t show dual weapons
  • Fixed an issue where shadow clones could use scavenge or steal
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to sell accessories they were still wearing
  • Fixed an AI vs AI issue where occasionally the bot wouldn’t recognize that an NPC had any techs even if he/she does.
  • Fixed several issues with being able to buy items you shouldn’t be able to
  • Fixed a bug with !augment list that would say players had no augments even if they did.
  • Fixed a bug with !augment strength
  • Fixed a bug with !fullbring when used with +TP items.
  • Fixed a bug in which Inactive monsters would attack even while inactive if they went first in battle
  • Fixed a bug with the drunk status effect
  • Fixed a bug with !augments list not showing in private even if the command was used in private
  • Fixed a bug with !unequip armor
  • Fixed a bug with shadow clones attacking their owners in PVP mode
  • Fixed a bug with shadow clones attacking themselves in PVP mode
  • Fixed a bug with items occasionally not showing damage correctly
  • Fixed a bug in which players could trade armor they were still wearing
  • Fixed a bug in which players could bid on an auction house item without any allied notes
  • Fixed a bug with augment strength
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an infinite loop if there was only 1 NPC in the \npcs\ folder.
  • Fixed a bug with !access remove that wasn’t actually removing the player from the list.
  • Fixed multiple typos and errors found in weapons.db/items.db/techniques.db (courtesy of Andrio)
  • Fixed an exploit where player difficulty could be used on early streaks for easy orbs


  • Removed the following monsters: Final_Guard, Prime_Vise, Excenmille, NajaSalaheem, Wind-UpShantotto
  • Removed the following NPCs: Nauthima
  • Removed the following bosses: Adlanna, Eldora, EldoraAdlanna, NauthimaTiranadel, RuneFencer_Nauthima
  • Removed Battle Formulas 1 & 2. The bot now only has 1 battle formula
  • Removed the !toggle battle formula bot admin command
  • Removed the bot setting the user levels of bot owner/admins upon starting to prevent a security hole

This version has 56 additions, 50 changes, 33 fixes and 7 removals.


Version 3.0 Complete (April 30, 2015)

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